Friday, November 24, 2023

Best Laid Plans

Right around Halloween, I started thinking about Christmas. Planning. I even found some yarny things that sparked my interest

And I started my Christmas shopping. 

(I used to do way more making of Christmas gifts, and that'll happen again in the future, but for the last couple years I just haven't wanted to.) 

For the most part, it's not hard to keep things a surprise. I do most of my shopping online. Shipping things to me is not an issue.

The only time I need to be cautious is when I am ordering things for my roommates. 

I don't have to be cautious, per se. I tend to be the one that picks up the mail. And when packages are dropped at our front door, I get them unopened. 

I decided this year I'd get them pajamas. (I think the major influence on this was a pajamas sale I saw at one of my regular online shopping haunts. I gave them pajamas a couple years ago for Christmas, and they were a hit.) 

I put in the order. I even got myself something so I could show it off as what came in the package. (Not that they were likely to question it, but I was being especially sneaky.) 

I watched the online tracking, and I knew when the package would arrive. (The tracking said Tuesday, but it hit the L.A. area Sunday night, so I knew it would arrive Monday.)

I got home from work on Monday evening, and I did my usual. After getting inside, one of the first things I do is get the leash and take the roommate's dog for a walk. As Buttercup and I were heading out, I saw my package right outside. I tossed it inside as me and the dog continued on our way.

Usually Luisa is not home yet, but she had stayed home sick. The other roommate is usually home (she's retired) as she was at that time. 

When Buttercup and I returned from the walk, my roommate admitted to an oops. And it was the last oops I wanted to hear.

Luisa had opened my package. 


The one time it made a difference.

The other roommate had asked Luisa if she was expecting something. She was. No one bothered to look at the name on the package. Mine. 


As soon as Luisa realized it wasn't what she was expecting, the package was put in my room. And considering how clothes are folded and packaged, I doubt that either of them even paid attention to what was inside.

So, I tried to hide my horror and hope that they didn't catch on. They didn't seem to, but we'll see. 

I mean, this is not usually an issue. Ever. The one time...

I just had to share this with someone. Because I can't tell them, at least until we exchange gifts. Then it'll be a funny story. 


  1. Oh, boy... I would think everyone knows by now to check the name on packages! At least you have something you can "show off," as you say. And pajamas, even if she saw them, she might assume they are for you.

    1. Yeah, that's what I'm hoping. It hasn't come up since, so I'm probably okay.

  2. Of course that would happen the one time you have a gift for them.

  3. That sounds like my sort of luck. lol I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, my dear.

  4. Oops, and of course it happened when the package wasn't really for you, but it may be all good. Either they are going to be truly surprised or they will feign surprise (if they even remember in the next, busy month.) Either way, they have the type of gift they liked before. I would recommend not fussing about it.

    1. I haven't said anything about it since, so I doubt they even realize. (And then we had other drama when the roommate fell and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.)

  5. Shoot. Give them drugs. Make them forget.

    1. It hasn't come up since. And since Luisa just told us what she wants for Christmas, I think she doesn't realize what she saw.

  6. Such things happen. Well, you'll find a way out.
    By the way, do you live with many friends, hostel, community...?

  7. I bet they will be surprised and thrilled about the new PJs.

  8. I'm slowly working on Christmas, as well.
    Coffee is on.


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