Tuesday, April 23, 2024


What if? It's the basis of many stories. We ask. We ponder. We wonder. 

On Tuesdays I throw one out there. What if? It may be speculative. It may stem from something I see. It may be something I pull from the news. 

Make of it what you will. If a for instance is not specified, interpret that instance as you wish. And if the idea turns into a story, I'd appreciate a thank you in the acknowledgements 😉

What if there are other beings similar to us (but not human) who currently live on Earth, but we're unaware that they exist? (Well, except for the occasional sightings that are dismissed by the general public.)

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Monday, April 22, 2024

String Lights

Saturday. I needed a take-along project, but what did I have to work on? Nothing, really.

And then I saw a picture flash by of someone wearing a necklace that looked like string lights...

String lights... That starts with an S. Perfect.

Regular readers may recall last year that I found some patterns via Pinterest for Christmas. I started this crochet pattern for string lights. But then I got sucked in by a Christmas tree, and the lights fell by the wayside. 

Now's the perfect time to pick this back up. I finally got all the red bulbs that I had made attached to "sockets":

And I made a bulb in pink (and also attached the "socket"):

Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to hang this (during the Christmas season, naturally). That will help me determine how many bulbs I want to make. That's the major reason this project hasn't gone anywhere. 

Because once all the bulbs are made, I then make a long string/wire, and then I attach the bulbs to it. But how long do I want the string? How many bulbs will I need? Until I know those answers, I'm kind of spinning wheels when it comes to making bulbs.

Then again, each bulb doesn't take too much yarn. I can use scraps for this. So, if I have too many bulbs, I can make another string light project for somewhere else. 

And then where does it end? Hence why I've been a bit flummoxed by what to do with these. 

These are questions for another time. Or, at least until the answer presents itself to me.

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Saturday, April 20, 2024


Thursday (two days ago). 4 AM. There was a knock on my door.


A neighbor's condo was on fire. Big, roaring flames. Smoke was pouring out into the sky. 

We stood, transfixed. 

"What's that loud sound?" This was from my landlady.

"That's the fire."

(I didn't know a fire was so loud.)

We stepped outside, but not too close. The firefighters had arrived at this point. Someone had a hose on the conflagration. Others had a ladder and had climbed up to the roof.

There was a group on the bridge, watching. One lady said she'd gotten singed. It was her home where the fire started. A charger exploded. Something about a generator?

Had everyone gotten out? Yes, the conversation turned to how all those effected had made it to safety. Well, almost everyone. Later in the day I heard of the lady's two cats who were missing. Apparently they got out (fingers crossed), but no one had seen them since. 

The flames died down. Eventually, it appeared that the fire was out.

For the next couple hours, I heard workmen, or at least their machines. They boarded up the sliding doors. I heard that various people came through, checking the cause, and setting things to as right as they can be for the moment.

I did go to work. After getting home, I got my own picture of the devastation. 

I focused on the tree in this image. Yup, the tree also sported some flames. 

(I had a post all set up with a pretty image of rocks surrounding a water feature in my condo complex for today. And then things got interesting. And I could make it work for R, so...)

And it made the local news: 

I fully intend to do something innocuous for X next week. Just a picture. No story. But I planned to do that this week too. And last week. And the week before. Sigh.

I hope you are having an uneventful Saturday.

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Friday, April 19, 2024

Quarterback Dreams

Sixth period computer science. It's considered a career and technical education course (CTE). 

During the first week of this long-term assignment, Mr. J informed me of a job fair the school was hosting specifically for the CTE students. So, instead of attempting to teach them computer science (which I know next to nothing about), I got to spend some time teaching them job hunting skills--writing a resume and interview skills. 

I got them set up with an online course with video slideshows and questions about interviewing. (It's a program that the school's CTE department uses.) 

Several students informed me that they had already completed this course in another class. So, I took down their names so that they wouldn't lose points for not redoing things they had already done.

It took me a couple weeks to connect with another teacher who could verify that those kiddos had, in fact, completed the course. While I believed most of them had...

Melvin sits in the front of the room. He's frequently late, and he often leaves class early. (He has track practice, which is likely true.) 

The first assignment they completed with me (they started it before I got there) was a career exploration slideshow. They were to answer the usual questions: what the job entails, growth potential, salary, education required, and such. 

Melvin's job? Professional football.

(I am rolling my eyes here.) 

Does Melvin have the potential of becoming a successful professional football player? Of course. But...

When I took down the names of students who said they completed the interview skills online course, Melvin said he had. 

When I talked to the teacher who could verify who had done this, he could not find Melvin's records. 

The next class period, I let most of the students know that I had verified that they had completed the course. (They had, in fact, completed the course with the teacher who I checked with.) Then I told Melvin we couldn't find his records, so if he could just go and see that teacher...

I told him to go and see that teacher right then. Melvin declined. (Reid, who sits next to Melvin, snickered at him. He mumbled something about getting caught in a lie.) 

I get the feeling Melvin has decided he's going to be a famous football player, and right now he's biding his time until he can get there. I also think it's not going to go the way Melvin thinks it's going to go. 

I could be wrong. I don't think I'm wrong.

(The schools in the district have produced some famous athletes. I know of one that you've likely heard of--he actually has been in the World Series. But they didn't rest on their laurels in high school. That's why I'm so dubious about Melvin.)

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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Performance Review, Part 2

I have a terrible memory for students sometimes. But that's a good thing as if I don't remember being irked by them, then the next time I see them they have a brand new chance with me.

I've been covering Mr. J's classes for just over a month now. It was just this last week, on Thursday, that I realized that I had met Nadine in period five before.

And, the only reason it came up was because of a different student in a completely different period.

Ava's not been showing up to class, when she does she's late, and she hasn't been doing the work. Unsurprisingly, she's got an F in math. I went to look at her grades in her other classes, and I was not shocked to find that math is not the only class she's failing. 

That's when I noticed that Ava has Mr. M for history period six. 

And I vividly recall getting a dressing down the day that I covered Mr. M's sixth period class

Some more backtracking, and I found Nadine's name. And yup, Nadine's in Mr. J's fifth period. 

Until that moment, I hadn't connected Nadine to the incident. I mean, I remember the incident. I just didn't recall the student who had told me I was a terrible sub who didn't do her job and that she'd get her mother to complain if I wished to take things further.

Will I remember Nadine after this? Likely. 

But Nadine's been keeping a low profile in math class. (It helps that fifth period is co-taught. Having another teacher who's been around since the beginning of the year keeps most of the students honest.) 

Curious, I checked Nadine's grades. Yup, she has an F in math and in history, too.


A part of me is curious as to whether Nadine thinks I'm doing my job now. But I'm not going to ask. I don't really want to know.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Oblivious Student and the Test

Second period integrated math 2. (Sophomore math. It used to be geometry before they changed the sequencing.) This is the one period that isn't co-taught, so it's just me and the 22 students. (It's a small group.)

Malakhi sits right up front. He's frequently late if he shows up at all. He asks to use the restroom and then is gone for twenty minutes. (The restroom is just around the corner, about two rooms away.) While I'm teaching, he is usually on his phone. Or asleep. And when they have time to practice the problems, he is again on his phone or asleep.

On Thursday the class had a test. On Tuesday I went over a study guide with basically all the same problems that were going to be on the test. 

On Tuesday, I emphasized the point: "Now's the time for any questions. If there's anything you don't understand..."

Malakhi spoke up. So, I re-explained the question I had just done. I solicited more questions. No one asked.

Thursday. They had had the test for maybe ten minutes when Malakhi asked to use the restroom. He was gone his usual twenty minutes. 

He returned. And then he slept. 

The students finished the test and turned it in. We were in the last five minutes. Malakhi still had his test. It was time to collect it, as he was the only one still with a test. 

Malakhi: "I don't know how to do this." 

His test was blank.

Deep sigh.

If I had not been available for questions, that would be one thing. (I discovered the secret of getting questions from the students--find the ones who are struggling and offer my help. It's kept me busy.) And the rest of the class has gotten better about actually asking for help. (Me: "Don't sit there stuck. Ask. This is literally my job.")

But Malakhi? Even when I hover, he doesn't ask. That's mostly because he isn't attempting the problems.

It's no wonder he doesn't know what to do.

But I can't do it for him.

(He expressed the same sentiment after the last test. I had not been in class to teach those lessons, though.)

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Newbie Sabotage

What if? It's the basis of many stories. We ask. We ponder. We wonder. 

On Tuesdays I throw one out there. What if? It may be speculative. It may stem from something I see. It may be something I pull from the news. 

Make of it what you will. If a for instance is not specified, interpret that instance as you wish. And if the idea turns into a story, I'd appreciate a thank you in the acknowledgements 😉

What if the new employee in your workplace was sent there by someone with the intention of undermining it (people, environment, etc.)? 

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Monday, April 15, 2024

Mobius Cowl Pictures

On this lovely M Monday, I have pictures of my mobius cowl:

...that I posted about back in June when I finished it (with a bonus post of me modeling it). 

I made this on camera with the intention of posting it to my YouTube channel. My brother was kind enough to edit the footage into a video that's approximately 30 minutes long. 

(What is a Mobius strip? Just in case you don't know.) 

And I just need to sit down and watch it to make sure it's ready before I actually post it. (I have watched it twice already. The first time it needed many edits. The second time it needed just a couple more. It should be ready now, but it's just a matter of me finding the time to watch it again.) 

It seems to be taking me forever to do anything anymore. 

(This post was supposed to distract you from last week's post, where I hadn't frogged that dragon swatch yet. I actually managed to frog it on Saturday... and I got no further. I won't bore you with pictures of what it is now--a ball of unknitted yarn.)

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Locked In, Part 2

Because I don't usually blog on Saturdays, my A to Z plan is to just post a picture and be done with it. And we saw how that worked out last week...

Let me start with the picture:

But the picture needs context, so... 

Back in February, I wrote about the day I tried to get out of my car at work, and the lock snapped on me. Have I gotten this fixed since then? Of course not.

I tried to find an auto body shop... Okay, so I meant to find an auto body shop, but I haven't quite gotten to it. I can lock my car door from the outside, so I've been doing that. And promising myself I'd figure out how to get the lock fixed eventually.

But guess what? The school I'm doing my long-term assignment at has an auto shop.

There's a long story of me ending up in a room with the auto shop teacher (there was a meeting about a software program that our students are using), and the conversation turning to the students needing projects, and I mentioned my little issue.

Mr. A, the auto shop teacher, had me leave my car with the auto shop (which is just a couple buildings over from where the classroom I'm in is). They took a look at it, and the above is the part needed to fix the issue. (I also allowed them to "inspect" my car. Why not? It's for their education.) 

I went to order the part. It would arrive during spring break. I got the call it was in. I went in to pick it up. On my way to my car with this in my hot little hands...


The asphalt of the parking lot is very cracked and uneven. I was wearing sandals. I was walking too fast, probably. I'm not sure. I lost my balance, and I landed on my chin. Well, mostly my right knee. And my left knee. And I have a bruise on my left palm. My right wrist is very sore.

(I'm writing this on Friday the 5th. It happened yesterday. By the time you read this, I should be considerably less sore.)

I had about five bystanders immediately around to help. Sigh. I never seem to do this sort of thing without an audience of some sort. (I have done this sort of thing too many times.)

As you can see, the part is undamaged. Now it's just a matter of getting on the auto shop's schedule to get the part installed. (They were supposed to do it this week, but wires got crossed and it didn't happen. Hopefully soon.)

When I got home from my little spill, I discovered my face full of asphalt. (I got a nice purple bruise on my chin a couple days after, not pictured.) So, bonus picture:

I couldn't resist the selfie. I washed the black muck off my face right after I took the pic.

Wishing you all an accident-free Saturday. Now, tell me your fall stories.

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Friday, April 12, 2024


Wednesday. Seventh period. It was my prep period, and I was doing what I've been doing during all of the prep periods during this long-term assignment--preparing for class. 

That means I did a little bit of grading, a little bit of lesson planning, that sort of thing. I keep hoping to get done with my stuff before the end of the period, because if I do, I can sneak out early and go home. 

I got through everything I absolutely needed for the next day. I was even current on the grading. I looked at the clock. I had less than ten minutes before the final bell. 

Deep sigh.

Right at the bell for the end of the day, the traffic getting off campus is crazy. If I get out right before the bell, it's okay. If I can't, it's better to wait about ten minutes for the traffic to clear away. 

At the moment I could have left, that would have put me at my car just at the bell. I'd be in the worst of it.

I scanned my pile of stuff to do to find something to do for five minutes. 

The co-teacher and I had determined that the math classes would have their next test the week after spring break. The day we returned, we'd give them a study guide and some time to review what they'd need for the test. 

The co-teacher had modified the test that Mr. J. had left. (We were doing the section in two parts, so there were topics on the test we hadn't covered yet.) I then volunteered to modify the test study guide to reflect the changes. I had even made the copies so they'd be ready for us after the break.

But I hadn't written out a key for the study guide.

I had five minutes...

And really, it only took me about five minutes to get it done. At about the time the bell rang. 

I got to my car a bit after that final bell. Where I encountered the expected traffic. Ah well. If I had left earlier, the traffic would have been worse. 

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Jangled Up

Of the six periods I'm covering for this long-term assignment, the AP computer science class was the one I was worried about the least. This was the wrong assessment. 

Third period AP computer science consists of ten students who are taking a more rigorous course to prepare them for the AP test in May. Mr. J put all their materials for their code.org work in their Google Classroom so they could work their way through the the curriculum. 

In theory, this should work. But high school students. 

Mr. J had planned out when they should be ready for their test. I printed out the thing they'd have to do. (It's similar to the kind of questions they'll have to answer on the AP test.) And...

It did not go well. They're lost. A couple of them kind of get it, but the rest aren't utilizing their expertise. 

So, now we've got some adjustments to make. I can push them onward to the next section. Or, we can try to figure out what they should know before we move on. The main issue here is that the AP test is about a month away, and if they're tested on something they don't learn, they definitely will miss those questions. 

If only I knew more about computer science. If only I knew more coding than just basic basic HTML. 

When I started with them, I noted the dates Mr. J had indicated for the end of this section. I reviewed it with them, asking if those dates would work for the test. They didn't say much of anything. I took that as agreement. (The class is pretty quiet most of the time.) 

It wasn't until I dug down and figured out how to see what they had accomplished that I realized they weren't doing the work they were supposed to have done.

Well, now I know. Perhaps now I can give them enough guidance so that they will put in the effort to figure things out, or at least they'll articulate the questions so I can find a way to get them answers.

We'll see. Wish me (and them) luck.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Impassioned Plea

Computer science. Sixth period. 

It was the Thursday before spring break. (We had Friday off.) They had been working on this job interview unit, but they weren't making much progress, so the plan was to continue to give them time to complete their resume and some online "how to interview for a job" modules. 

The phone rang. 

"Is Viola in class?" 

Knowing vaguely who that was, I turned to the students. "Viola?"

Viola waved her hands frantically in "I am not here". 

The teacher on the phone, Ms. D, asked if Viola was busy in class, because if she wasn't, could I send her to her English class to make up a test on The Great Gatsby

Viola was motioning violently, albeit quietly, begging me to say that she was, in fact, busy. 

Technically, she was. She was missing several assignments that she needed to complete. But would she? She and the boy next to her were deep in conversation, but not the kind of conversation that leads to doing classwork.

So, I had a choice. And I was leaning towards making Viola do that test. Waiting to take it until after spring break wouldn't help her, and it wasn't like she'd be using my class time productively. 

I held the phone to my shoulder and discussed it with Viola. As soon as I called her name, she knew who was on the phone and what she wanted. I pointed out that it would be better to get this test out of the way now rather than later, like after spring break.

Once Viola realized I wasn't going to tell Ms. D that she couldn't come, Viola begged for ten minutes. I agreed that was reasonable, so I relayed that information to Ms. D, and I hung up the phone.

"Did you read the book?" I asked.

She said she had seen the movie several times. (Insert my eye roll here.) 

She took the ten minutes to study up, and then off she went. 

About an hour later she returned. Happy. "I'm pretty sure I aced it." 

She agreed it was better to get it out of the way. "I'd probably fail it if I took it after the break." 

Yup, I knew this. I'm glad she realized I was right.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Horrible Human Being

What if? It's the basis of many stories. We ask. We ponder. We wonder. 

On Tuesdays I throw one out there. What if? It may be speculative. It may stem from something I see. It may be something I pull from the news. 

Make of it what you will. If a for instance is not specified, interpret that instance as you wish. And if the idea turns into a story, I'd appreciate a thank you in the acknowledgements 😉

I just watched (by the time you read this, I should have finished it) The Buccaneers on Apple TV Plus. If you've seen it, you know where this question comes from.

What if you discovered that your very good friend's romantic interest (or romantic partner) was an absolute horror? But when you attempted to warn your friend about what you personally witnessed, they wouldn't listen to you. 

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Monday, April 8, 2024

Grand Plans

Spring Break. I had a week off, and I was going to make good use of it.

Yeah, right.

I was finally going to sit down, drop a lifeline, and frog the dragon swatch. 

partial swatch of knitted dragon
Yes, I know you can't see the error. No, I did not get around to taking a better shot that would show it off. No, I don't need to hear how I'm the only one who would notice it. You would see it too if I I circled it or something. I promise, a miscrossed cable is one that stands out.

I had some time to start a project I had bought yarn for.

variegated skein of white yarn

I bought this yarn when I got the afghan's yarn. They were having a buy one, get one 50% off. I only needed five skeins for the afghan, so...

Did I do any of this? 

Nope. I caught a cold.

I watched some TV. I kept up to date on the blogs. (It's April. That takes more time right now.) And I rested. (I did, however, manage to get my taxes done, so at least there's that.) 

Just about the time I started to feel better... Nah, I'll save that story for Saturday's post. I've been whining long enough.

So, now I just have to figure out something to work on that'll fit M day. Because, yeah, I'm pretty much making it up as I go along. 

Happy Monday. Does anyone have anything exciting planned for this week? I'm back at work, and the math classes have a test this week. Woo-hoo! 

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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Five Dollar Bill

So, kind of a funny story...

For this A to Z thing, I don't prewrite most of my posts. I let work happen and pull stories from that. But I don't write about my subbing travails every day. Those other days are the days I can preplan, sort of.

Tuesdays are my "what if?" days. I totally write those in advance. So, it was Saturday, a week before April, and I plotted out my Tuesdays. It took most of the day. (I usually do this on a subbing day where the kiddos are working and I have time to ponder, but I'm on a long-term assignment right now. That means that I'm actually teaching in class so no time to just sit and ponder.) 

Then that Sunday I started thinking about Saturdays. I don't usually blog on Saturdays, so for the challenge, I find a picture of something that works for the letter, and I'm done with it.

This first Saturday, being an F day, was where I started. I thought maybe "flowers", but upon looking back, I did that the last time F fell on a Saturday (2019 for those who are keeping score). 

So, I decided to give up thinking about it and let the universe find me an F picture.

I was walking Buttercup at the time. 

small dog sitting on couch
This is Buttercup

Not two minutes later, I looked down in the foliage next to the path, and I saw this:

folded money

I picked it up, flipped it over...

a folded 5 dollar bill

...and started laughing.

It was a good thing no one was around, because I wouldn't have wanted to explain. 

Five starts with F. 


And that's how I play this game. I let the letters find me in the wild. 

(Sometimes I really have to work to get things to fit, but mostly the letters I need find me.) 

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the letter F rendered in knitting

Friday, April 5, 2024

E Vocabulary Quiz

It's Friday, so it's time for a random quiz.

I went to Sporcle and searched "E". This one was on the list:

"E" Vocabulary (Hard) Quiz

A few notes: 

  • It is timed.
  • The words are given, so it's just a matter of identifying them via the given definition.
  • You can skip using the "prev" and "next".
  • The words aren't that hard.

I took my time (and didn't run out of time) and got 100%. If I did, you definitely can. 

I hope you try it out. If you do, let me know how you did in the comments. 

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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Delving into D-Posts 13

It's spring break, so my subbing stories from last week have been pushed to next week. That means the blog is open for a Thursday 13. But, it's also A to Z April, so what can I make a list of that corresponds to the letter D? How about thirteen previous posts that start with the letter D?

(I spent the better part of three days trying to figure something out, so this is just going to have to do.)

Just for fun, I started with the earliest posts on this blog. While these aren't the first thirteen posts with titles that start with D on the blog, they're probably in the first twenty. 

1. Duplicates, February 21, 2008

This is the day I had four Brittanys in class. Each one with a different spelling. 

2. Denied, February 27, 2008

Just when I thought I was going to get out of work early, an extra assignment popped up. Sigh.

3. Due East, April 6, 2008

The students had a different mnemonic to help them remember the cardinal points on the compass.

4. Designing on the Fly, May 3, 2008

I knit a sweater without a plan. This was me talking about it in progress. If I recall correctly, the sweater that resulted didn't feel right on to me, so I ended up giving it away.

5. Doin' Nuthin', May 9, 2008

A familiar story: student does no work and finds ways to continue to do no work.

6. Due Process, July 27, 2008

About another pair of boys who did no work in class. Sigh.

7. Drenched, August 4, 2008

This was a day when the air conditioning was broken--in the middle of the summer. This teacher did not remain working for this school for much more than a year after this.

8. Drinking Game, September 17, 2008

This comes from the days when we were having our kitchen remodeled, back in a home I no longer live in. Sigh. I don't miss the days without a kitchen.

9. Do Not Talk to Aiden, March 31, 2009

I instructed a class not to talk to the student who needed to hunker down and get some work done. This went better than expected (although not great). 

10. Deny It Like You Mean It, April 2, 2009

One in a long line of stories where I see a student do something, and yet they still deny it was them. (The school no longer does International Day. Although, they've now started something less international-y and more spring-y.)

11. Discombobulated, May 19, 2009

This day went sideways with a change in assignment and an earthquake. Just all in a day's work, really.

12. Dangerous Delivery, October 7, 2009

This is one entry in a series I called "skunk sightings". Luckily, I never got close enough to get to test whether tomato juice helps with the smell, but I was always worried about it.

13. Dreamy Hermes, February 9, 2010

While a 7th grade English class watched The Odyssey, a girl developed a crush on the actor playing Hermes. 

It's funny to read back through these old posts. Some of these days I remember. Some of them I do not.

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter

the letter D rendered in knitting

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Chemistry Lessons

It is spring break, so that means I go into vacation mode here. (Last week's subbing stories will appear next week.) And on Wednesdays, I talk about something I watched that I would recommend.

(For A to Z I cheated a bit to fit the letter of the day. Sorry, not sorry.) 

Lessons in Chemistry streams on Apple TV Plus. I heard about it at about the time I discontinued my subscription, but knowing that eventually I'd subscribe again I kept it in mind. The good news: that means that I don't have to wait for new episodes to drop weekly. That doesn't mean that I've finished the season, however. I'm only about half way through.

The show follows Elizabeth Zott who is a chemist in the 1950s (the show seems to span the '40s through the '60s). Through some misfortunes (and here I mention the content warnings as those misfortunes include her r*pe and a later sudden death) and that fact that she's female in the '50s, she ends up hosting a cooking show. 

I understand that the show is based on a book

So far, I'm rather enjoying the show. Whether I end up loving it or am more ambivalent will depend on how it ends. 

This is the official trailer: 

Has anyone else seen this show? (Please, no spoilers.) Has anyone read the book? Do you subscribe to Apple TV Plus? (I recommend if for no other show than Ted Lasso.) Does anyone have any good TV recommendations for me?

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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Build It Better

What if? It's the basis of many stories. We ask. We ponder. We wonder. 

On Tuesdays I throw one out there. What if? It may be speculative. It may stem from something I see. It may be something I pull from the news. 

Make of it what you will. If a for instance is not specified, interpret that instance as you wish. And if the idea turns into a story, I'd appreciate a thank you in the acknowledgements 😉

What if we could redesign the human body?

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter

the letter B rendered in knitting

Monday, April 1, 2024

Afghan Pics, Again

It is once again April, and that means it's time for the A to Z Challenge. 

For this first day of April and A day, I'm sharing some more pics of the two months afghan. When I finished it (in that linked post), I took a bunch of pictures of it folded.

blue knitted afghan with gray crocheted trim, folded

I didn't have a good place to get pictures of the whole thing. But when I took the afghan to its recipient, I was able to take some pictures of it unfolded.

blue knitted afghan with gray trim laid over a chaise outside

I couldn't tell you why I didn't include them in that post, but I didn't. Luckily, now I have the perfect opportunity to pull these images out.

a blue knitted afghan with gray trim held up by the blog's author

That is me behind the afghan, holding it up.

(Hopefully I'll knit or crochet something new soon.) 

And we're off. And running. Things won't look too different around here for April. As this is spring break for me, my subbing stories will resume next week. This week I go on "summer schedule", just with the letters of the day.

See you around.

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter

the letter A rendered in knitting

Friday, March 29, 2024

Bored Games

I've decided that Adriel is bored. 

(Adriel is the student who has apparently cheated on tests in the past. But I've seen when he does the work. I think he actually understands the material.)

He's bored and immature. So, he entertains himself like a middle schooler would. But, he's old enough to realize that he needs to be sneaky so as not to get caught.

Ms. L, the co-teacher, explained that Adriel had a partner in crime, and the two of them together were unmanageable (even when they were seated across the room from each other). Mr. J made it his mission to get the boys in different periods. He succeeded. 

So, now Adriel sits isolated at the edge of the room, and he spends most of the period watching his phone.

He spends the rest of the period throwing markers and pencils. Surreptitiously. So as not to get caught.

Now that I have the rhythms of the class, I told Ms. L that I could teach the lessons. So, she can help the students as I go over the material. (This is how the class is supposed to function. She is the special ed teacher. Her students need a bit more assistance.) 

I was explaining something about 30-60-90 triangles...

Ms. L: "Adriel, stop throwing pencils." 

Apparently he denied doing it.

Ms. L: "I saw you throw it."

He must have gone back to watching his phone.

(It's not that we've given up on him. We try to get him engaged in the class. But at a certain point, we're expending way more energy on a student who won't try when we could spend the time with students who actually want the help.)

At least with Ms. L watching them, Adriel is more likely to get caught. And that's a win.