Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Threat

School doesn't start back up until next week. But like with last Wednesday, I have a story that didn't make the blog when it happened. (Arguably, this is the more interesting story, but as I planned out the blogs for that week, I thought this might fit in during the break better.) 

I was in the social studies class at the continuation high school. (The students are getting credits in geography, history, or government, depending upon what they are deficient in.) Sixth period. 

As is usual, some of the students were having "deep" and "meaningful" conversations rather than doing the classwork. And also as is usual, I sat and listened as they considered me part of the decorations.

Mostly, the conversation was between Harmony and Isaiah. They talked about Isaiah's job (he works in a bakery making donuts), and then somehow that segued into them talking about their stealing techniques. (Isaiah was more a smash and grab.) Vaping and pot smoking came up. Harmony talked about the cooking she does. (Food. It sounds like she knows her way around a kitchen.) 

Teenage conversations (well, conversations in general) meander around like that normally. And while I wasn't too pleased at the illegalities of some of what they discussed, I wasn't taking notes. 

But then Harmony brought up a topic that got my attention.

She talked about an instructional assistant who "walks with a stick". 

Harmony said that a friend of hers had dared Harmony to trip her. Harmony was going to do it, but luckily another staff member was there. "And she looked at me as if she knew exactly what I was planning, so I walked away." Okay, then.

Only, Harmony told Isaiah that she was still planning to trip the aide the next time she saw her. 

And, I couldn't let that one slide. 

I've met this particular IA. I've worked in classes with her. Ms. E has been with the district a long time. 

It was time for me to check out for the day. Only, now Harmony was in the main office, talking to the office staff. But I couldn't leave without giving them a heads-up. If Ms. E was going to be around, I would have told her directly, but that didn't seem likely.

I quietly told the secretary that I had something I had to tell her, but it was about Harmony. I hit the restroom, hoping Harmony would leave so I could talk.

Nope. When I got out, she was still there. 

Loudly, the secretary informed me and the office staff that the counselor needed to talk to me before I left. I knew there was no reason the counselor would need to talk to me, but I played along because this was the perfect excuse to get out of the office without Harmony being any the wiser.

I explained what had happened. Sadly, this did not surprise either the secretary or the counselor. But it was something they were going to follow up on, so I filled out a report for them.

It's the end of the semester, so Ms. E won't be on campus for a while. Harmony might have been talking big for her friends. This may never come to pass. But there's no way I'm going to hear about someone plotting to injure someone else and not report it. 


  1. Oh my, that doesn't sound good. It's good you reported it, that just isn't ok, for a student to even brag she's going to hurt someone.

  2. I am glad you were able to hear that plot. I hope it was just talk.

    1. Me too. At the very least, they need to keep Harmony away from Ms. E.

  3. How awful. I hope she never goes through with her threat.

  4. I often wonder what can make people be so mean? That's pretty crappy to plan to purposely bully someone.

    1. I'm pretty sure she was born this way. Sure, you could argue that there must be some abuse to make someone mean, but I think she never got a dose of the empathy gene.

  5. What is more concerning is that there is no empathy. Here is a person who obviously has difficulty walking and they want to take the thing that they use to help them with mobility and watch them suffer. I've known about this kind of lack of empathy for a while, but it is rare to see it so brazenly discussed. Furthermore, the people who are capable of doing this kind of harm will more than likely go on to make lots of money and become politicians. And their lack of empathy will then hurt millions.

  6. Good for you, Liz! How ironic that her hame is Harmony. There’s no excuse to be that mean.

  7. What a situation to be in: It sounds like you handled it as well as could be. Hopefully Harmony was all talk.

  8. Qhat's simply disgusting. I would like to know her reasons for doing something horrible. I'm glad you spoke up. I'd want to email that lady to give her the heads up but, hopefully, the counsellor will. In Toronto in early part of Dec. 6 girls, met through social media-2 13 yr olds, 2 14 yr Olds and 2 16 yr Olds met and brutally beat a homeless man to death! I just don't understand and, I bet, they did this just to know what it feels like. I would try them as adults

    1. The main reason I reported it was so that the secretary would give Ms. E the heads up when she sees her next. As for Harmony, other commenters noted that she lacks empathy. Having met her, I'd agree.


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