Student Name of the Week

I don't use actual student names on the blog. Unfortunately, that means that some of the more "creative" endeavors of the local parents are only for me to enjoy. Well, no longer. I'm going to share some of the more interesting ones with you.

All names listed are from actual students, and the spellings come from official class rolls. The child in question likely won't appear in any of the posts. Ideally, the spot on the sidebar will get updated once a week, although this may be more of a week-ish thing than weekly. As new names are posted, the old ones will live here (so I don't repeat myself). I've included whether the student was male (m) or female (f) as that's not always obvious from the name.
  • Ahgean (m)
  • Ahmadjai "Jai" (m)
  • Allyana (f)
  • Anakin (m)
  • Angelic Melody (f)
  • Ayline (f)
  • B elanna (f)
  • Bijan (m)
  • Blessin (f)
  • Bradtna (m)
  • Chaunise (f)
  • Chayce (f)
  • Cithlali (f)
  • Corea (f)
  • D'Arique (m)
  • Dasani (m)
  • Daughn (m)
  • Deonce (m)
  • Deserae (f)
  • Donyai (f)
  • Eriell (f)
  • Erykah (f)
  • Eunique (m)
  • Eymy (f)
  • Felisitha (f)
  • Fredly (m)
  • Geneve (f)
  • Gospel (f)
  • Halla (f)
  • Hanzel (m)
  • Haytham (m)
  • Icek (m)
  • Irie (f)
  • Isyss (f)
  • Iverson (m)
  • Jainah (f)
  • Janeytzi (f)
  • JaSharee (f)
  • Jerashel (f)
  • Kanaz (m)
  • Kaodizie (f)
  • Kcash (m)
  • Khlowee (f)
  • LaVantron (m)
  • La Noelya (f)
  • Mischief (f)
  • Mon trey (m)
  • Naidelyn (f)
  • Neeko (m)
  • Odbin (m)
  • Ohwen (m)
  • Pritti (f)
  • Quartey (m)
  • Raqsmey (f)
  • Ravontae (m)
  • Rhamzi (m)
  • Roxsanie (f)
  • Shaq'Kobe "Sha-ko-be" (m)
  • Sherriah (f)
  • Sirr (m)
  • Suhei (f)
  • Syheim (m)
  • Tajuana (f)
  • Thannaris (m)
  • Thenelle (f)
  • Thessie (m)
  • Tiphanie (f)
  • Visoth (m)
  • Xayvier (m)
  • Zareth (f)
  • Zyaire (f)

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  1. That's some list, talk about multi-culture, Trump should read this, if he can of course.


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