Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Starting Off

On our return from winter break, I caught a two-day assignment in a U.S. Government class. (Read: seniors.) 

Realizing the opportunity, I greeted each class with, "Welcome to the last semester of your high school career." 

I got a whole lot of "Thank God," and not as much, "Wait, what?" as I expected. 

Many seniors turn 18 during their senior year, so the teacher takes advantage of the opportunity. On his wall: 

The classes were pretty mellow. They seemed to be working, but then I caught a student playing chess on his computer. I heard some discussions of some of the questions on their assignment on the first day, but not so much on the second.

This year I have taken to sending the teachers an email about the day I covered. As an extra added bonus, most teachers reply to my email. 

Mr. G's comment was that he had started grading their work, and it appeared that mentally the students were still on vacation. 

Deep sigh. I see the senioritis has set in early this year. 


  1. I like the wall Mr. G created. It's very important for teens who just turn 18 to register to vote AND actually vote.

  2. I think mentally, they're actually all now past graduation.

  3. I hope many of those seniors get the voting message. And I certainly remember senioritis.

  4. I worry a bit about the future for people who are graduating. I'm beginning to think that you can't educate yourself out of poverty. There's just too many people exploiting others, no safety net, and just a general devaluation of others that seems mainstream now.

  5. I turn 18 in my senior year and graduate end of May.
    Soon as I turn 18 I went down and register to vote. And so did both my sons.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. One reason could be the "privileges" that come along when they turn 18!

  7. January and February are slow brain months I think.

    1. They are. Luckily, we no longer do finals in January.


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