Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Tattler

Seventh grade science, advanced. They had a vocabulary assignment, one they could complete in about twenty minutes of focused work.

Many of the students had been in the vacant English class. Jeremy has, in fact, already made the blog. He was the crier on "Picture Day".

Jeremy is... well... he's kind of a delicate flower. He's still very much a little kid.

We were about halfway into class. Jeremy approached me. (I was still babying my ankle, so I was sitting as much as possible.) He wanted to know what to do after he finished. Although, that's not what he said.

Jeremy sputtered. He kept looking over at a student to his left. Pointing and stuttering.

I glanced over. The boy had Cool Math Games up on his Chromebook. He was actually writing on his assignment, not looking at his computer. The room was silent.

I kept my focus on Jeremy.

"He's... he's..."

"Don't worry about him," I instructed.

When students ask what to do when they've finished, I tell them to work on any unfinished homework (from other classes) or read a reading book (as most English classes have some sort of reading assigned). I turn a blind eye towards appropriate games or drawing or such. Classes sometimes have downtime, and kiddos need to learn how to keep themselves occupied when this happens.

The other boy wasn't bothering anybody. He was working quietly. And once a student has finished the assigned work, my requirements have been satisfied.

Jeremy finally got his question out, turned in his work, and went back to his seat. But not before going towards the other boy...

Sigh. This is the sort of thing that turns his peers against him.

I get wanting to get everyone on task, but at some point, one has to let them be them.


  1. So he was trying to let you know the kid was not doing his work. He must be bullied and that's a shame. There was a boy, in Hamilton, On. who, just yesterday, was stabbed by by an 18 yr old. The 18 yr old and his 14 yr old sister were constantly bullying this boy. The boy died and this happened right in front of his mother who could not reach her son in time....very sad

    1. That's tragic.

      As for Jeremy, he's... It's more like he's the bully, but in a passive-aggressive way. It took me a couple weeks to catch on. It's something he'll grow out of in time.

  2. "Cool Math Games" feels like an oxymoron.

  3. It interesting how people inter reacts.
    Coffee is on

  4. There always seems to be one in the group that wants to cause trouble. Too bad he can't get the concept, live and let live.


  5. Oh, I hope he doesn't end up getting bullied too much. ~sigh~ Even keeping my head down and minding my own business didn't save me. Those memories make my pampered middle age even sweeter. :)

    1. Hopefully that sort of thing would be caught. But, they're very good at hiding it from adults.

  6. I don't know why, but Jeremy got me wondering about what made Stephen Miller become who he is today.

  7. Can't help who they are I guess. Maybe as he matures he'll work it out.


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