Monday, October 7, 2019


My current WIP:

It's a custom order phone cozy. When finished it'll look something like this:

Although, without the strap, and this color is truer. (The first image was shot in full sunlight at noon.)

And as for my injury (which I wrote about last week), I'm healing. The ankle is still a bit swollen, but the pain is nearly gone. I can walk, albeit slowly. I think at this point I'm more paranoid of falling again than anything else.

I hope all is improving for you all as well. Happy Monday.


  1. Glad to hear you're healing. that phone cozy looks great.

  2. That is a cute holder for the phone! Glad to hear the ankle injury is better. Maybe you need to wear a brace for a bit?


  3. Glad to hear you are healing.
    I have a couple of custom orders for wolf hats to make this week.

  4. Glad to know the injury is healing and you are now able to walk.
    I have gone through the same thing -- uneven pavement, twisting the ankle ... With rest to the injured part, it will heal, gradually. Make sure you don't put pressure on that spot.

    That phone case looks good :-)

  5. How pretty! I love that color. It really lights up in the sun.

    Glad you're healing up.

  6. Awesome blue! My favorite OC would agree. ;) Glad to find you feeling better. Be well!

  7. Oh, I was going to say I really like the blue in the first photo.

    Glad you're healing!

    1. Amazing how different the same yarn appears in different lighting, isn't it?

  8. I feel some of your pain, and wish you continued (and quick healing. The blue in the first photo was so pretty and I do love that pattern. (The true color is nice, too.)

  9. Nice and I love that color.

  10. Both of those blue are beautiful.
    Coffee is on

  11. The blues are brilliant. Love those colors.

  12. Ooooh...I am loving it!!! I can't wait to see it and thank you! I am glad you are healing and hope you have good walking shoes

  13. I'm glad your ankle is healing, even if it's a slow process. I love the blue!

  14. Heh, just clicked that autumn for you was very recent (forgot you guys don't change seasons at the same time as us - 1st spring is 1st September)


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