Monday, October 14, 2019

A Finished Phone Cozy

I finished last week's phone cozy...

Alas, there was a bit too much light in my photos this time...

This is actually a good problem to have. In the past, I've suffered from too dark images...

I do make these as custom orders, if anyone is interested. I no longer stock them in my Etsy shop, so you'll have to ask me for one...

But the positive of that is that you can pick the color, the strap length (in this case, the request for it to be strap-less), the size, and you can make any other requests of me that you like.

I think there's a way to list these with those parameters, and maybe one of these days I'll get around to doing that. But I currently have a backlog of other things to get listed, so it's not currently a priority.

Since this is the sort of thing that most knitters would prefer to make for themselves, the pattern is available to purchase. You can get it via my Etsy shop or via Ravelry. (The pattern includes a chart for the stitch pattern as well as the instructions to make a narrower or wider version.)


  1. It came out great! I like the color too. How much do they go for? And do you think you could fit a card case in the purse along with the phone?


  2. OMG! I love it! Send me the no and can’t wait to get it

  3. How cute. I love the color and the little button on it. It really came out nice.

  4. That's a really lovely color and knit. The new owner must be quite pleased!

  5. It does. The photos need to be just a tad darker.

  6. It came out really nice, and the button was perfect for the pattern.

  7. You've probably cracked the iphone cozy market, after all cell phones are so drop-able and breakable.

  8. These are great. I may get some for Xmas.

  9. It looks lovely. The colour really pops and the button is pretty.


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