Monday, December 4, 2023

That Was Easy

The tree is done.


Once I got started, it went pretty quickly.


I took it to school with me. While the kiddos were working on their assignments, I had time to crochet.


I photographed them after each day. (Well, every other day. I took a picture of what was on the cone, then added what I finished that day and took a second picture.)


Then, I realized I was again running out of yarn. But, I had just gotten it, so I went back to the yarn store, and I bought a second skein.


And I continued on. I mean, I started class off with announcements. I answered questions. I graded some papers (the instructional aide graded the majority of the work). I entered scores into the gradebook. It wasn't like I wasn't working.


As I worked my way up, each little band got smaller and smaller. So, the longer I worked, the quicker it went.


And then it was done. And I absolutely love it. Isn't it cute?

Tree posts:


  1. Now it just needs to be decorated. Very cute.

  2. I like the pictures of it slowly growing. It came out nice!

  3. It's cute. Glad it was a quick project.

  4. Beautiful tree, you did very well with the various yarns, I love the lighter touches. Will it have little companions?

  5. This is so cute! I want to try making one of these next year. I'm such a slow crocheter, I know I'd never get it done before Christmas now. Is this the large tree?

    1. I was able to work on it at work, otherwise I doubt I would have gotten through it so fast. But it is a quick project. Once you get through the bottom few bands, it gets way smaller quickly. It is the large tree.

  6. Hi Liz - I agree ... a lovely work of art - fun to see it as it is completed - congratulations - cheers Hilary


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