Thursday, August 12, 2021

Last Week 13

Last week was a different sort of week for me. What better way to recap it than to do it as a Thursday 13

1. Since my car was in the shop, I figured on a pretty quiet week. My only outings on Monday and Tuesday were to take a not-quite-two-mile walk in the evenings. 

2. Then on Wednesday, I went to the Orange County Fair. I went with my father, so he drove. (They're limiting tickets, and tickets have to be bought online ahead of time.)

3. Due to no car and OC Fair tickets, I had to turn down an opportunity to work on Wednesday. I informed the sub caller about my lack of car. There was one school open, the continuation high school, so while I wasn't expecting to get much in the way of work, I knew it was possible.

4. The fair had fewer exhibits than normal, but two caught my eye. First, in the quilting area: 

Plague masks. Brilliant choice considering the times.

Then, in the crochet area: 

I'm just terribly impressed with this snail. Judging by the ribbons, I wasn't the only one.

4. Then on Thursday, I managed to get a ride to go grocery shopping. I wore a new hip bag/purse that I had purchased at the fair. Alas, as soon as I took it off, one of the clasps broke. 

I contacted the seller who put me in touch with the company behind the bags. They're sending me a replacement clasp.

5. Also upon returning home from grocery shopping, I found a message from the shop about my car. It was done? 

When I talked to them the prior Tuesday, they informed me that the part I needed was going to take seven to ten days to get to them. I was given an estimate of middle of August to get it back. 

But, they told me the part arrived that morning and they finished the install that day. 

6. So, I got my car back earlier than expected. Whew! Expensive (car is a 1993 model), but at least now it starts. (That was the issue. I couldn't get it to start. It's been an intermittent problem for a while now. Once it starts it's fine.) 

7. Since I got the car back in the later afternoon, I figured I'd update the sub caller as to my mobility the next day. 

8. Friday morning. 7:15 AM. Phone rings... (More about this in Friday's post.)

9. Oh, and while this is all going on, the sink in my bathroom started to drip on Sunday. Landlady tried to fix. No dice. The person she called to fix could come out and look at it on Saturday.

10. Of course, the problem ended up not being an easy fix. So, he couldn't finish fixing the sink Saturday. Said he'd be back Sunday. Then he cancelled Sunday... 

11. My summer vacation is officially over today. Today is the first day of school for all the schools in the district. (Read: the traditional high schools and the middle schools. And the elementary schools, but I avoid those.) 

12. As of the writing of this post, I was scheduled to work today. I was actually scheduled to work all week (at the continuation high school which started their year three weeks ago). This means I get to type this sentence in next year's end of year stats post: "I worked the first day of school..."

13. I did, in fact, type that sentence in last year's end of year stats post. Along with "...and I worked the last day of school." We'll see if I get a last day of school for this school year as well.


  1. Sounds like a full week. I am glad you got your car back and that you got to go to the fair.

    1. It was a pretty full week as well as a week full of surprises.

  2. That snail is so cool. I can't believe it's the first day of school for you already. There's another month left here, and there'd probably be a riot if it was any earlier.

  3. Busy week. Those creations at the fair are neat.

    Bet you are happy to have your car back.

  4. I love county fairs. I used to enter cooking, crochet, and artwork. Then, my homeschooled kids entered lots of things. As a child I loved the livestock barns and horses. I still like the livestock barns and sheep, pigs, etc! How nice you will get a replacement clasp. Buying things at a fair can be buyer beware. I'm glad your car is back. Expensive, but not as expensive as another car!

    1. I've never bought anything at the fair that I've regretted. I have some bag closers that I've been using for the better part of a decade.

      (There may be a new car in my future. Although, as of now things are working just fine.)

  5. I real enjoy fairs, our is going on. Won't be going this year. simple not enough people wear mask or is vaccinated.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. I feel sad that summer is nearly over!


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