Monday, March 9, 2020

Star Stitch Scarf Answers

In last week's post, I showed off my current projects. This week I'm still plugging along. So, to pass the time, I figured I could answer some questions that came up in last week's comments.

M.J. asked: How wide is that scarf? When I first saw the picture (before I read anything about it) I thought you were making an afghan.

Yes, it's huge.

My sister-in-law requested a large scarf. The picture she sent me was of a shawl-like thing. I specifically asked for dimensions, and she said she wanted it to be 18 inches (46 cm) by 6 feet (1.8 m).

At the moment, this thing is 18 (well, more like 17 and a half) inches wide and 32 inches (81 cm) long. So, progress. (Last week it was at 22 inches (56 cm).)

Birgit said: I could never knit or crochet...too much figuring out and when you mentioned math that is the final nail for me.

There doesn't have to be all that much math involved, really. Like, for this, I crocheted a chain that was a little longer than 18 inches (because the stitch pattern draws the fabric in), and I happened to luck out and have it be the right width when I started.

And now I'm just working the pattern until the thing measures 6 feet. All I need is a tape measure.

Plenty of people just find a pattern in the size they want and follow the directions. Because I design, I usually like to fiddle with the numbers, but it's not necessary for every project. (I like the math.)

Several of you commented on the colors. I can't take credit for them. It's all the yarn.

SIL requested "peacock colors". I found the colorway called Ocean Shades...

Variegated yarns are wonderful.

Finally, J.E. said: 2800 posts... how many of them are knitting related? A fifth?

Okay, I can do the math. (Sorry, Birgit.) Today's post is #2805. If I go by my labels, I have 264 labeled "knitting", 80 labeled "crochet", and 53 labeled "crocheting".

But here's where we run into a problem. Some posts were both "knitting" and "crochet", so I can't just add those numbers up. Okay, fine, I'll look through them...

So, 28 were labeled "crochet" and "knitting". 8 were labeled "crocheting" and "knitting".
80 - 28 = 52
53 - 8 = 45
So, that's 264 labeled "knitting", some with "crochet" or "crocheting" as well. Eliminating the duplicates, that's 52 labeled "crochet" only and 45 labeled "crocheting" only.
264 + 52 + 45 =  361
Then divide...
1805/361 = 5

WOW! I did not expect that result. Exactly 5. I was expecting a decimal that approximated to 5, but not 5. 

So, yeah, one-fifth of my posts are knitting/crochet related.

Good news. The periwinkle hat is getting close to the crown. I might have some interesting pictures for next week.


  1. I love that you did the math on J.E.'s question.

    And variegated yarns are awesome. I don't knit. I just love how the colors come together.

    Will there possibly be a photo of the super wide scarf actually on a person when it's finished? Or if I Googled 'super wide scarf' (or something else, perhaps) will I find a photo of one?

  2. Yeah, most people do. Wing it, that is. I figure I'm qualified to figure things out, so I do when needed.

  3. One fifth - now you know!
    Ocean shades is an apt description.

  4. Fun question about your knitting related post, and fun result ;))

  5. Ha! Nailed it!!!

    Also the scarf looks awesome. That is definitely going to keep your SIL warm. She might not even need a coat.

  6. My mind went numb reading details. Heh... As for boiled eggs, we learned that cracking the shell halfway through the cooking process can make peeling much easier, especially after using a unique tool.
    My husband found this valuable tool. Happy Shelling!

    1. And by the way, your multiple talents are amazing.

    2. I got one of those silicone egg things that you pour the egg into. Much easier.

  7. A fifth, huh? Thanks for doing the math. :)

  8. Kinda of makes sense that 1/5 would be about knitting or crocheting. Except when doing A/Z don't you usually just post Mondays through Fridays and usually isn't Monday "devoted" to knitting/crocheting? So to me it sounds reasonable that 1/5 of your posts would be related to those subjects (or perhaps I didn't do my math right?)


  9. I loved the way you got on to the math, and found the answer. :-)

  10. Ah yes..math...yuck. I like how you got to one fifth. I love the peacock colours and that is a long scarf but they are "in" right now

    1. Are they? I had no idea. We don't do much in the way of scarves around here.


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