Monday, January 6, 2020

Shark Beanies, Almost Finished

As I write this, it is Sunday afternoon. This is my usual time of getting my blogs ready for the week. So, this is also my deadline for having my knitting projects ready to be photographed and talk about. 

I had planned to have shark beanies all finished and ready. Alas, I didn't quite make it. Last night (Saturday night), I managed to get the tails all finished up and attached. All I had left was to embroider the eyes on. 

It was 11:30 PM when I was ready to tackle that task. I decided it was perhaps not the right time to work on something I needed to be able to focus on. (I did try for a while, but it didn't go well.) 

So, here are the shark beanies, almost finished... 

They came out pretty good. I won't need to rip either out to start over. 

School was out all of last week. I finished up the main knitting of the second beanie early in the week. I took one night to do the "fins" for both. Then another night (Friday) to get all the teeth done (again, for both). The tails were Saturday's project... 

That is, I knit the forms, sewed up the seams, stuffed them, and attached them to the hats. So, really, I did do quite a bit. 

All that's left are the eyes. By the time you read this, they'll probably be done. Hopefully. 

Then I can dig into the next project, which is a beanie for eldest nephew. I'll talk about that a bit more as the interesting bits start to happen. All that happens at the start is for me to knit a standard beanie... 

What? That's a good take-along project. I took it along on my Saturday out of the house... 

(I'm so glad for streaming TV so I had something to watch as I worked. I got through the entire first season of Jessica Jones and The Morning Show. I know, I'm totally late getting into Jessica Jones, but I only just got Netflix a few months ago.)


  1. The shark beanies look really cute. Is there a picture anywhere of what they look like when complete?

    My mom is a knitter and she brings her current project with her all over the place.

    I hope you're enjoying Jessica Jones. I've only seen the first season thus far, but I loved it.

  2. They'll look like they are eating someone's head - cool!

  3. You do such nice work! I find these a bit amazing, and I say that in honor of watching "Sharknado" on New Years Eve.

    1. You need a full set for your next viewing party ;)

  4. It been a while since I did anything with yarn. Hubby ask me to do some dish cloth. I should we could use some. Not hard

  5. You've done well getting them done so quickly. I had a crochet project I wanted to do over the holidays, but I had to finish another one (the one I've been working on forever) and I didn't quite get there.

  6. I love these! They look great and I know they will love them.i am looking forward to the beanie as well.


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