Friday, January 3, 2020

Ends in FF

This week for Random Quiz Friday, we're looking for words that end in "ff". You know more than you think you do...

Ends in "FF" Quiz

A few pointers: 
  • Let the site load before you try the quiz. While loading, it's really slow and will impact your time.
  • You can answer in any order. Type in a correct answer in the box, and it'll find its proper home.
  • It is timed. Sorry.
I only got 12 out of 18. Not bad, but I could totally do better. (I didn't, so leave me with my delusions.) Good luck.


  1. I got 16/18. Not bad considering I didn't actually know what "ruff" meant. A collar/type of bird???

  2. I got 8/18; I didn't know some of these words like quaff??? Cute quiz though!


  3. 15/18...ain't bad, but the pressure is on when the timer counts down.

  4. Hi,that was fun,I got 14. I have a quiz site myself that I think you would enjoy.

  5. Ooh. This one sounds tricky. I don't have time to try now, but may have to later on. :) Be well!

    1. It depends on your vocabulary, I suppose. That, and how quickly you can retrieve info.


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