Friday, January 17, 2020

Last Day Scramble

Seniors (twelfth grade). Government.

The teacher was out all week. (Bereavement. Her mother passed away.) She gave them a project.

It was a very clever project. They were to write a "bill" for the House or Senate. They could pick any topic, and they were given a template for how the thing should look. Then they were to create a poster to go along with this fictional bill.

They had four days to work on it.

I did not cover the first day, but I was there for the last three. So, on day two, they acted as if they had it. Quiet classrooms. They appeared to work on the computers.

But on Friday...

Oh, the scramble. So many of them needed to get their "bills" printed, so there were a bunch of them who needed to go to the library. (They can print their work out there. There was no printer in the classroom.) And so many of them had barely started their posters.

It was entertaining to watch, really.

I got a good stack of finished projects. They had come up with some interesting "bills".

And I can't complain. No one was surprised by the deadline. They were told it up front.

It's the same everywhere. We all kind of scramble to get things finished on time.


  1. And yet, they were probably more organized than some legislatures

  2. Well, how else do you get a project done if not at the last minute?

  3. Urgh, I'm that way at the moment on my self-imposed deadline for my ms rewrite. It's looming and I'm not close...

  4. I'd be interested with what they came up with for bills if you remember any of them! Sounds like a cute project and yes, there will always be a scramble on day due!


  5. Sorry to read of the teacher's bereavement. The class project sounds like an interesting one! Too bad so many of the kiddos did it last-minute.

    1. I don't have too much sympathy as they did have days. But they got it done, so no worries.

  6. Hi Liz - like us isn't it ... we wait and then we do - I know I should certainly do some things earlier rather than read something! Sad about the woman's mother ... but it sounds an interesting project - cheers Hilary

  7. Procrastinators drive me nuts. I'm glad you enjoyed the spectacle. ~grin~ And good on finding that code in fine print. I would have struggled, too, I'm sure. You'd think that would be made to stand out. I'll have to check out the link on the -stan endings. ~nods~ Be well!

    1. It was nice to have an answer to that question when the kiddos asked.


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