Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me Again

Remember that 8th grade science class I got stuck in for seven days?  (If not, see this post, another post, another post again, yet again, and finally.)  I do.  Today I covered their history class.

After a little over a week with them not so long ago, I knew what I was in for. But I had the luxury of knowing this ahead of time (okay, only since 5:20 AM). I knew who I was going to see today.  They did not.

Oh, it was priceless.  I sat behind the teacher's desk as first period walked in. And I watched them come in and see me.  They were not happy.  A couple of them came in, walked out, and came back in again.  ("Not you!")  One even threatened to go to tardy sweep.  I did not react at all.  

They were good today.  Well, most of them were.  But since I knew them, I did not have to refer to the seating chart to call the "bad" ones out by name.  

It was fun.  It's these little things that really make my day.

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