Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Really Testing

Today I covered an algebra class.  They were taking their benchmark exams. These are tests that the district requires them to take once a quarter to measure their progress.  The tests don't count towards their grades, and the students know this.

Fourth period was obnoxious.  They wanted to know what they were to do after the exam, never mind that the exam could take the entire period.  They also wanted to know how many questions were on the exam.

So, I got everything passed out--scratch paper, pre-identified answer sheets, and the question booklet.  The class hadn't even settled yet.  I started reading the directions to them.

"I'm finished."

A boy in the middle of the room announced this.  I had not even finished reading the directions. I ignored him.  I continued with the instructions.

I mean, if you're going to bubble in random answers, the least you can do is pretend that you're trying.  "Finishing" before I've even said, "You may begin," is rude in the extreme.  

By the time I had told them to start, at least five of them were "finished".  I honestly don't know what they got out of this.  They had to remain silent until their classmates were actually finished, and that took about a half an hour (maybe a touch longer).  So, for that amount of time they got to sit, stare at the walls, and be extremely bored (one kept tapping his desk in frustration).  

This teacher is very strict.  She likes to call home.  I wonder what sort of consequence these kiddos are going to get for their behavior.  I'm sure it won't be pleasant.

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