Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday as I was standing by the door as 6th period was filing in, one of the girls asked if she could go to her band class.  This is not an unusual request.  Usually with a sub the students are doing mostly busy work, so missing class won't hurt the students.  But since the teacher is out for the week, and it's a subject that I can teach (in fact, the lesson plans have me introducing them to the atom), it was not a day that this student could miss.  I told her no.

Today, same period, same girl, same question.  I would think that after yesterday (when I actually lectured on a topic new to them and they actually took notes), the girl would have figured out that she can't miss class.  Apparently not.  

Earlier in the day today, another girl commented upon my makeup.  She told me I looked funny.  Um, okay.  So, with a sweet voice, I replied that I appreciated how she took the time to tell me that I didn't look all that good, and how kind she was to comment, etc.  She was offended.  

Sigh.  8th graders.  They just don't think.

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