Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Technical Annoyance

I had the same class as yesterday.  Since we're on block schedule (two hours a period), we're only seeing half the classes, but since this is special ed, most of the students stay in the class all day anyway.

Yesterday they were warned to bring in movies.  They did actually take finals, but not every period and not for the whole period.  There was some down time.  
Yesterday no one brought in a movie.  Today we only got one.  At least it was on VHS.

There was a problem with the DVD player.  (The IA borrowed movies to keep them busy.)  The remote didn't work (due to needing a new battery), and the front of the machine didn't have a chapter step capability.  This wasn't a terrible issue once the movie got started.

But then the movie froze.

It was near the end.  Suddenly the movie just stopped.  Froze.  The only thing I could do to get it going again was to eject and reinsert the DVD.  Of course that meant that the movie started over, so I had to fast forward through the whole thing.

This happened twice.  Yesterday and today.  And both times the class had to chime in on how to fix things.  Um, no, I can't step through the chapters.  No, the remote doesn't work.  Yes, I'm doing everything I can.

Special ed classes are just like regular ed classes in this regard.  I would have gotten the exact same reaction in any class.

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