Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Again!

Last time I was at the continuation high school I noticed the white binders on the front desk. There was on for every teacher.  I didn't think much of it (being a sub I didn't need one), but later it hit me.  They were going to do it again.

So, today when I saw in the lesson plans what I had to do fourth period, my worst fears were confirmed.  It was that time of year again.  And they were going to do it again.

It's a program about drugs and violence, as in saying no to them.  Lovely idea. But the execution is horrible.

This is the continuation high school, so many of the students already...ahem... well, you get the idea.  

Today's topic was about forming healthy relationships.  I kept to the script.  They fought me on everything.  No, they would not do the role playing scenarios.  No, they would not participate.  And they would not stop talking so that I could at least get through my script.

It was the same last year.  

It's too bad, too.  There's a lot of good information in the program.  It's just too bad that they aren't paying attention to it.

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