Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too Quick

"Someone's finished?  Already?"

One of the other test proctors had test in hand and was getting ready to check out a student.  I was surprised as they had only been on session two for about ten minutes (at least, it felt like only ten minutes).  Who could get done that fast?

It's CAHSEE time again.  This time it's all the sophomores--their first crack at the thing.  Hopefully, most will pass.  I've talked about test proctoring before.

Then the student who was supposedly finished came up.  And I understood.  Of course it was him.

The test had two sessions.  During session one I spent a lot of time at the back of the room, watching.  I saw this boy's face many times.  I motioned for him to turn around more than once.  He had that silly smile on his face, like all of this was a big joke.  And he just had that attitude, the attitude of an 8th grader who is bored and wants to play.

So, I was sure of it.  He hadn't actually tried.  He probably just filled in random bubbles because he wanted to get out of that room.  

Sure, he got out of the room quickly.  But, in the end he'll pay for it.  He'll have to take the test again and again until he passes it.  Much better to sit for the thing once and never again.  I guess he has to learn that the hard way.

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