Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walking on Eggshells

One student can ruin a whole day.  And if you have that student all day...

Today I was in special ed.  I was told to watch out for one student in particular. Apparently, when she's having a bad day things can get pretty ugly.  I am usually on careful behavior in most special ed classes anyway.  You never know which student is liable to snap.

So, I tried to keep my tone pleasant.  I tried to avoid talking down to the students.  And luckily things went pretty good today.

The troubled girl seems to like me which is a bonus.  She asked me to escort her to lunch (she's not allowed to go anywhere unescorted by an adult).  She even remained mostly mellow during the fire drill (although she did have an issue with the crowd when we were going back to class).  So, I tried to remain as calm and friendly as I could with her.  I didn't want to set her off.

I'm going back tomorrow.  Hopefully things will stay as good as they have.  If not, I'll have a much more interesting post.

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