Friday, February 13, 2009

A Combo Day

The teacher I subbed for on Tuesday and Wednesday was to be out again at a meeting, but only after 11:30 AM.  School starts at 7:30 AM.  I came in for a full day knowing this.  I was contracted for the full day.  They knew that I would be needed elsewhere.

When I got to school, I didn't have a first period assignment.  Then they found out that one of the instructional assistants hadn't come in, so I was sent to cover that.  I headed out.

I was outside past the library on my way to the classroom when I heard my name being called.  I turned to find the secretary chasing after me.  Right after I had left the office the secretary got a call.  A Spanish teacher who was already at school (she had a zero period, so she had been at school since 6-something) was feeling really awful and needed to go home.  I had an assignment after all.

The Spanish teacher was surprised to find a sub in her room so quickly (of course it helped that her classroom was right next to the office).  She was quickly typing up lesson plans.  And she was very distracted--she printed the lesson plans but forgot to take them off the printer.  

So, after three periods of Spanish, I went to cover three periods of special ed. Crazy day.

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