Thursday, February 26, 2009

Change of Luck

When I got into today's classroom, all I found on the teacher's desk was an emailed lesson plan for yesterday.  Written all over it were the notes from yesterday's sub.  Uh oh.

I called the main office to see if the teacher had emailed new plans for today. Outlook had been down all morning, but it had just come up.  I was to send a student to go and fetch the lesson plans.

At this point the warning bell had rung.  The students were coming into the class.  I was in a classroom at the back of campus, so I figured that it would take at least ten minutes for a student to get the plans and bring them back.  I had to figure out what to do with the students for those ten minutes. Sophomores.  They could go crazy in that amount of time.

Here's where my luck completely changed.

First, it turned out that I had a TA for first period.  No wondering about who to send to the office.  That's in the TA's job description.  And then the counselor walked in.

The counselor was carrying a big box and a big projector.  She was there to talk to all the sophomore classes.  All day.

It is that time of year.  They are beginning signing the kids up for next year's classes.  Today sophomores got the talk--graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, and planning for junior and senior years.  

This meant that all I had to do was take roll and sit back and let the counselor do all the work.  Nice!  Easy day for me.  Whew.

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