Monday, February 16, 2009

No Phone

It's not something you notice right away.  In fact, you may not notice for hours. But then you pick up the phone to make a phone call, and that's when you discover that the phone service is out.

The strange part is--the Internet connection and the phone line are with the same company on the same line.  We don't have phones, but we do have Internet.

So, I went to the phone company's website to see what was wrong.  This, of course, took forever.  After much trial and error, I was finally able to get info on the phone line.  There's an outage.  The phone line will be out until 2/19.

Once I realized what today's date is, I got a little perturbed.  Three more days! Seriously?  It'll take them until Thursday to fix the phones.  There had to be more information than that.

So, I tried to sign into my account.  But I never got around to creating an account online.  To verify who I am, I need a PIN to create a password.  There are two options for getting the PIN.  First, they will call the phone number with the password.  Um, yeah.  They'll call the line that is out, so I won't get the PIN.

The other option?  They'll mail it to me.  Mail!  By the time I get the PIN, the phone line will be restored (hopefully!).  

So, I'm sitting here cursing the phone company.  I guess I can call them and tell them how idiotic this system is.  I do still have my cell phone.

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