Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Early Enough

I was running late this morning.  

The back patio tends to flood due to a badly designed drain that gets covered by leaves easily.  When the water gets too high after a good downpour, the water starts to seep in the back door.  The carpet gets soaked, and the old kitchen cabinets had water stains.  Since the kitchen was just redone, I've been careful about making sure that the water does not leak into the house.

It rained last night.  When I got up, there was about an inch of standing water out back, so I took the time to go out there and clear off the drain again.  This only took about five minutes, but in the morning five minutes is long enough to throw my whole schedule off.  

I got to school ten minutes late.

We are supposed to be at school a half hour before school starts.  Some mornings I'm better at this than others.  I wasn't too worried as I knew who I was subbing for and I had a good idea of what the lesson plan would entail. (And I really needed to make sure that the back patio didn't flood into the house.)

I was surprised by my reception at school.  "Who are you here for?"  I was surprised because I could see that the materials for the teacher I was scheduled to sub for were already out.  Except the email from the sub caller had a different sub listed to cover the teacher.  Whoops.

So, I called the sub caller.  Turns out she had double booked the assignment. Since I had gotten there first, I was to keep the assignment, and the other sub was given something else to do.  

I thought I was running late.  Turns out I was early enough.

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