Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Light

It poured down rain off and on today.  This being Southern California, of course everyone melts.

It was 2nd period.  This being the combined day, that meant that I had both the 2nd period and the 5th period in the room.  Once buyouts were taken into account, that meant that I was expecting 21 students.  (Those who bought out were not expected.)  

It was pouring down rain as 2nd period started.  There weren't all that many students out and about.  Still, when only two students showed up, I was surprised.  I should have had a bit more than that.

Slowly more trickled in.  One came in just before the bell.  Two others arrived late.  And so my grand total of students was 5.  Five!  And one of those students was in both 2nd and 5th periods (which means I was actually expecting 20 students).  

So, of course no one wanted to do anything.  Friday + no one in class + rain = even less work done than normal.

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