Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"Ms. A, you're a snitch."

A student said this to me as she walked into 4th period.  She was angry at me because I had left her name for her English teacher (today I was covering biology).  I don't remember what she was doing--probably talking instead of listening to a story on CD--but if I felt it merited mention to her teacher, then it must have been inappropriate.  

This girl was denied a buyout on that Friday, so she was upset.  Not my problem, really.  But I got to hear all about her displeasure.  

The snitch comment bothered me, though.  It implied that I'm supposed to let them do whatever they want when their teacher is away.  That's not how I understood my responsibilities.  I tried to explain this.  I'm not a peer.  I'm not their friend.  I am a teacher.  I let the teacher know what went on in his/her classroom during his/her absence.  

She didn't get any of this, of course.  She stopped listening after I said I wasn't her peer.  She's been so angry lately.  Every time I see her she's ranting about something.  

What happens with the sub stays with the sub?  Um, no.  

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