Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Log In

I got a call this morning to change today's assignment.  Once the information penetrated my morning brain fog, I realized that this was a good thing.  I got to turn over and sleep for an extra hour!

Today the classes were in the computer lab.  They were working on some learning software or other.  This was very familiar to them.  They've done it many times.  So why could they not remember how to log in?

Firstly, the log in does not change.  There is a specific formula of letters of last name and letters of first name with student ID number and birthdate.  This is districtwide and it has been for a couple years now (even I know formula without having to look it up, and I don't cover computer classes all that frequently).  And helpfully this was all written on the whiteboard at the front of the room.  But I found myself repeating the formula about five times a period.

Then they had to log onto the program.  This had a different formula, but again, this was all written on the board.  Yet, I had this formula memorized as well by the time the second student had trouble logging on in first period.

Once I got them all logged on everything went smoothly.  

I just wonder.  Am I so used to computer technology that I am being unfair to the kiddos (not picking this stuff up right away)?  Or are they just being oblivious?  Is it really that hard?  

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