Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three Questions

"This would be question number two.  Do you really want to waste a question on that?"

It's day one of finals, and I pulled a two-day assignment in a special ed class.  This one student has a limit of three questions a class period.  The instructional assistant (IA) kept track and warned him before every question.

Because we were on block schedule (two hours a period), the IA allowed three more questions for the second hour.  And the boy didn't go over them, but that kind of depended upon how the questions were counted.  Some questions didn't count as questions.  And some unanswered questions did not go to the question total due to the fact that they weren't answered.  

I wanted to be helpful, but I found it easier to let the IA handle things.  It was much easier to answer questions for students who didn't have a question limit.

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