Wednesday, January 20, 2021

In the Wrong Room

The last time I covered Ms. L's class was early November. The continuation high school isn't doing distance like the other schools. Rather than adding me into the Google Classroom as a teacher, they just gave me the link for the meet. And the last time I covered Ms. L's class, that worked just fine. 

Tuesday morning. I got the lesson plans. I logged into the meet. And I waited.

And waited. 

I knew something was wrong pretty quickly. While the kiddos don't all show up on time, someone is there on time. If only one. And usually someone is a touch early. 

But five minutes into class and I had no one? Nope, that's a mistake. 

I went through about ten minutes of panic which included calling the school (which didn't help). But then I noticed that the teacher had given me the student codes. . .

Google Classroom is set up so that someone can be designated a "student" or a "teacher". Teachers can add assignments and grade things. Students can only see what's been input and complete assignments. 

But what I needed was the meet link, which everyone can see. So, I figured why not? I can sign up as a student. 

Once I had done that, I found the messages from the students, wondering if class was happening. 

I had missed about half of first period (the class periods at the continuation high school are a half hour), but knowing the issue, I made sure to log into class via the Google Classroom for the rest of the day.

Teachers have a tendency to reuse their lesson plans, only modifying the specific stuff the class is doing that day. Clearly, Ms. L didn't realize that the meet links change. I let her know about the issue.


  1. Live and learn. At least, if it happens again, you'll suspect immediately.

    1. I did suspect immediately. Imagine if I had spent the entire period thinking no one showed up.

  2. Technology means that now you can be sent to the wrong room online instead of in person!

  3. I like the way you problem solve, Liz. :-)

  4. Oh sure, you were really just cutting class weren't you? ;)

  5. We're all learning our way around techie stuff. Just think in five years we will all wiz.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. Hi Liz - yes our wits need to be about us ... well done on sorting it out. Stay safe - Hilary

  7. Oh gosh, I would hate that and am not one for all this technology but glad you figured it out.


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