Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quiz Optional

I was at the continuation high school. Again. (I swear, sometimes I think I live there.) Today the subject was English.

They had a vocabulary quiz. 25 words. Matching. It was optional.

If the student got an A, he/she would get a half credit. Being the continuation high school, there were a number of students who didn't study and knew they wouldn't get an A, so they didn't bother. Others were at least willing to try.

Mary was gunning for the thing. She wanted to get started right away. At one point during the quiz, she commented that her palms were sweaty. She was kind of in a panic.

That half credit will be her last. As soon as the quiz is graded and the half credit is credited, she graduates.

She took her time on the thing. She wasn't the last one done, but she wasn't near the front of the pack either. When she handed me her quiz, she wondered if I could grade it. I didn't have a key, but I am familiar with all of the words, so I looked it over. I think she got 100%. (I didn't see a wrong one.)

I told her it looks good. And so it looks like she will graduate tomorrow. I'm so happy for her.


  1. Good for her! I hope she gets her A.

  2. You do spend a lot of time at the continuation high school.

    Go, Mary! I don't know her, but I'm proud of her because she cared.

  3. Good for Mary! That's really great for her. And for you.

  4. Oh you and your super powers. I don't know if I could just look at words anymore and be confident that they are spelled right without a computer spell check. I'm getting forgetful in my middle-aged years.


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