Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Attitude

This was originally posted June 4, 2007. 

I passed out a test to 5th period. I asked them all to put away everything but something to write with, so when I got to this boy's desk and his stuff was still out, I asked him to put his stuff away. I waited until he did, I said "thank you", and then I gave him his test. As I walked away, he loudly complained that I had not said "please" when I asked him to put his stuff away.

6th period, different class. One boy had his cell phone out (something they're not supposed to do). I said, "Please put your cell phone away". When he argued, I asked him to do it a bit more forcefully. (Him: "I'm updating my calendar". Me: "You can do that after school".) He then accused me of having an "attitude" and he asked to be excused from class to see his case carrier (special ed class).

Sigh. Apparently I have an "attitude". Funny how I only get accused of this when I enforce the school rules.

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