Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting It Right

A while ago, I showed off my cell phone cozy...

Smart Phone Cable Cozy (pattern can be found here)

...and I expressed my dissatisfaction with it. I figured out my issue. It wasn't orange.  

I made my nook cozy with orange yarn.  

eReader Cabled Cozy (pattern can be found here)

I wasn't looking for a matching set. I just wanted a color I like. While the red is nice, it doesn't speak to me like the orange did.  

Unfortunately, the yarn company has discontinued this orange. The closest thing they have to an orange is more pink/coral than orange.  

eReader Cozy in Honeysuckle (for sale here)

Close, but not quite it.

I guess orange has fallen from favor. I found a couple nice yellows, more blues than I'll ever need, the basic whites, beige/browns, and blacks, and some obnoxious purples. (I like purple, but these shades were pretty bad.)  

But then last week I went on a search through my yarn stash. (Purse project. I'll post pictures when it's finished.) And I found a couple small balls of the orange. Hooray!  

Would it be enough?  

There is a way to check. I weighed my red cozy. I weighed the yarn I had. Since the only difference was the color, when I found that I had 1.5 oz of the orange and the red cozy was 1 oz, I knew I could do it.  

I finished the cozy over the weekend. (I am officially out of the orange yarn.)  

This just makes me smile.

I like. What do you think?  


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