Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Herding Instinct

The continuation high school held their annual career fair today. Over the course of the morning, the students got a chance to hear presentations by various recruiters. Others set up booths where the students could learn more about options for after high school.

The fair itself was pretty much over with a half hour left in the school day. The students were obligated to stay, but it was considered their lunch.

In previous years, the students would stand around complaining about having to wait until the end of the school day. Today, however, the students had something to entertain them. One of the booths was from a local DJ school, and the DJ was playing music in the stage area outside.

A crowd gathered. Various students got up on the stage and busted out their best dance moves. The office staff got out cameras and recorded video of the proceedings. (I so wish they'd post it on YouTube. I think that it will end up on the end-of-year DVD that goes along with the yearbook.)

It was nice to not have the students complaining about having to wait around. They were having a good time.

Then two students headed for the gate. They were followed by a dozen more. And suddenly, the entire stage area emptied as the whole student body went for the gate.

I turned around and checked the clock. They still had three minutes left. That was time for another song!

They all stood there, in front of the locked gate, and waited. As soon as the final bell rang, the gate was opened, and the school grounds emptied as fast as they usually do.

I couldn't stop laughing. Who had decided that it was time to leave? And then they stood there. Waiting. Hilarious.

It's the little things that amuse me.


  1. I feel like this could be so abused, like that guy who stood in front of a shop just to see if a line would form behind them. And they did.

  2. That is rather funny; the fact groups will seemingly make a decision on something completely arbitrary.


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