Thursday, March 1, 2012


"Is there a test today?" 

Most days students ask the same questions over and over. They tend to get stuck on the same problems. By the end of the day, I'm an expert on these. 

There was no test today. There was a video. They have a test tomorrow. It was written on the board. 

I've had days when there was a test scheduled, but due to the teacher's unexpected absence, the test was delayed. I've also had days when the test went on as scheduled. This decision is up to the teacher and is detailed in the lesson plan. 

"Were you supposed to have a test today?" 

Every class answered no. A little too quickly? Perhaps. 

It's not like they needed to lie. I wasn't about to deviate from the lesson plan. 

I had no access to this test. I was only curious. When I know a test has been postponed, I announce this at the start of class: "Guess what? You get an extra day to study." 

Then again, they might have gotten their days mixed up. But every period all day? 

Ah well. Whatever. 


  1. I think just knowing a test is on the horizon is enough to make kids paranoid. Whenever I had a sub for my class, they'd report the same thing.

  2. Tsk tsk. If you have a test and the sub doesn't seem to know about it, you don't say anything! You keep your head down and threaten anyone who tries to ask that dreaded question. Don't kids learn anything in school these days?

  3. "Whatever" is such a great sentiment of absolute dismissal.


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