Friday, March 23, 2012

Confusing the Cat

The continuation high school stars a half hour later than the other high schools in the district.

This morning I got called at the usual time. I was told to go to the continuation high school, but there was a caveat. There were a lot of teachers out today (really? on a Friday? sorry for the sarcasm...), and the sub caller wasn't sure if she was going to be able to cover them all, so if she couldn't, she was going to have me go somewhere else. Um, okay...

It was way too early for me to get my head around this. Normally, I'd remain in bed for another half hour, but if I got switched, I'd end up being late. So, I got up and got about halfway ready, and then I sat down and checked my email, blogs, Twitter, et cetera. Waiting and wondering.

That's when I heard the cat meowing outside my door.

She greets me every morning when I leave my room. I assume she hears me get up as she doesn't wake me on the mornings I don't get called (most of the time). She likes to dart in front of me as we descend the stairs. One of these days she's going to end up with a glass of water splashed all over her, but that's another story...

The sub caller did call me back, but only to tell me that she thought she had it all covered. I was glad she called, though. I needed to know the name of the teacher I was to cover.

It was a crazy morning for her. I was more curious than concerned.

So, I had another twenty minutes to kill before I had to move. The cat continued to complain. It was too much trouble to get up and open the door.


  1. Of course the cat complained. All your attention wasn't focused on her.

  2. Your cat sounds like she knows you very well. That's interesting. I like cats. I just wish I wasn't allergic to their hair.


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