Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gone Missing

Last Friday, I covered a 10th grade world history class. They were to watch the last half hour of a movie.

The teacher clipped an extra note to the lesson plan. Three students did not have permission slips from their parents, so they were not allowed to watch the movie with the rest of the class. They were to be sent to a neighboring class. Then I was to retrieve them once the movie finished.

Rather than deal with the one student who had to leave while leaving the 30+ who didn't with nothing to do, I started the movie each period, and then I went to make sure the student who needed to leave did. (The first scene seen was innocuous, and they'd only see a couple seconds of it, if that, while I got them situated.)

The student in the second group made sure to alert me right away that she needed to go. We found her alternative assignment, and she was gone within a minute or so. The student in the third group was even more vocal. I took roll after the students left, and another student in the third group called me over to make sure I didn't mark that student absent. (I wasn't going to.)

It was completely different with the first group.

I started the movie, and as I was doing so, several students asked George why he was still there. Even though my back was turned (as I made sure the DVD started and the sound was at a reasonable level), I could hear George shushing the class.

Once everything was going, I went over to George. (Accurate seating charts are so wonderful.) George lied and tried to claim that the actual George sat one seat over. I reminded George that he had to leave. After asking how I knew, he acquiesced and left. (However, he did not mention the alternative assignment, and as I had not had the cooperative girls yet, I did not know he had one.)

After the end of the movie, I sent a student to retrieve the alternative assignment students. George was not in the room that he was supposed to be in.

(The third girl was not, either, but she did return at the end of the period with her assignment. She told me she was in a room across the way.)

Somehow, this did not surprise me. I wonder what he got up to for that period.

I suppose I should be more concerned. But this teacher is one of the stricter ones. I'm sure George now regrets whatever it was he was doing.


  1. Sounds so complicated! Should just make it nice and simple with a movie everyone could watch so you didn't have to deal with George.

  2. Makes me wonder on the subject and rating of said movie that they'd need permission slips at all never mind those that couldn't watch it.

    Nice to hear not all of them were the same as George. ^_^


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