Monday, March 19, 2012


"Girl Scout cookies! Get your Girl Scout cookies! Four dollars a box or five for twenty!"

On Sunday I supervised one of my niece's Girl Scout cookie booth shifts. Archer Girl is very motivated to sell. Last year she did a ridiculous number of boxes. I don't know what her goal was this year, but I'm sure she wants to beat last year's number.  

Two weekends ago, we had very nice weather. But at the end of last week, the temperature dropped. Saturday we had some major rain. Then Sunday the sun came out, but it remained chilly.  

It was cold for us. A forecasted 55 degree high is a very cold day around these parts.  

I broke out my heavy jacket. I've never worn this jacket before. I was glad I bought it, though.  

Our location was in the shade. And the wind blew. It was so windy that we didn't take the cookie boxes out of their cases for fear they would blow away. They might have. The wind was blowing that hard.  

Then the first of our three hours was slow. Very slow. We sold a grand total of three boxes.  

It was kind of a pathetic sight. The girls were bundled under several layers. They shivered in the cold. And Archer Girl is on crutches. (She broke her ankle.) You'd think more people would by sympathetic.  

Things picked up in the second hour. I don't think it was the girls looking pathetic, though. Girl Scout cookies are popular. It just took time for those who had not been hit up by another of the many booths that have been set up over the last couple weeks to bump into us.  

My job was to keep a tally of what was sold. At the end of the shift, I attempted to add it all up. My arithmetic skills are kind of weak, but I should be able to count hash marks, right? It was more difficult than it should have been.

Apparently, the cold makes me stupid.  

As we were driving off, Archer Girl asked me if I had seen her gloves. I hadn't. She was sure she lost them. Turns out that I put them in with our stuff without even realizing that I had done it.

We ended up, yeah, I can't recall. 60-something boxes. I was really kind of out of it at the end there.

It's supposed to warm up tomorrow. Maybe then something of my intelligence will return. Maybe?  


  1. You win "Aunt of the Year" for that super duper favor! Thank you again! This mommy truly appreciates it! :)

  2. Send them all to me!!!!

    Okay, calming down now. I'm sure people will be buying when it's sunny and warm out. I don't know a person who does want Girl Scout cookies.

  3. Hmmm. It sounds like that these memory lapses are out of the ordinary. Be sure to get some rest and see if you feel better.


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