Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wasting Time on the Internet

Have you heard of StumbleUpon? I learned of it a while back, but lately I find I spend a lot of time there.

Basically, you set up a list of what you like. Then the site randomly picks sites in that topic for you. Don't like the site? Click the "stumble" button, and a new site pops up. (I guess you can follow various people, too, but I haven't figured that part out yet.)

I use StumbleUpon a lot more now that I've signed up for Pinterest.

Pinterest (in case you haven't heard) is a place to "pin" images you find on the Internet. There have been a lot of concerns over how the site uses these images, but they are updating their Terms of Service, so maybe that'll allay any fears. I'm not sure if Pinterest is a good idea or not, but I'll continue to play with it until I know there's a reason not to.

During one of my StumbleUpon sessions (looking for good images/links), I found a site called Wanelo. It's like Pinterest except it's specifically for items you can buy. (You can post product images on Pinterest, but you're not necessarily looking to shop when looking at those images.) Also like Pinterest, you can see the stream of recently uploaded images. That's how I happened upon some cool iPhone cases.

The Internet is such a time suck.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I've started adding websites to StumbleUpon for others to find. If you'd like, I'll add yours--your blog, your author site, or anything else you might want to promote. (I can even add stuff to Pinterest or Wanelo.) I just need to know what site and how you'd like me to classify it.

Also, I'd like to follow people who I (virtually) know on any of these sites.

Got a site you want me to add? Ever heard of Wanelo? Or StumbleUpon? Or Pinterest?


  1. Besides Facebook, blogging, and an occasional visit to Goodreads, I'm trying to avoid adding any other time wasters. I have to write and do homework + family. There's no more room for anything else! Just like Twitter, I have to ignore the temptation.


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