Wednesday, February 14, 2024

A Colorful Activity

Monday. It was pouring down rain (a rainstorm that did not let up for two days--you may have heard about it). And I caught a seventh grade world history class that I had covered right around Halloween.

It was one of those days where some kiddos were completely drenched. Many got into their backpacks to discover that their work was wet. (I had a workaround for them, but those who had wet papers didn't want a workaround. They wanted to complain. Getting that wet was definitely a choice.) 

Fifth period. I had four boys that kept getting out of their seats for vague reasons. 

The class had a list of things to work on. Many were working on them. So, I could focus on trying to get the four boys settled. But they had reasons why they had to be up. At one point they were hovering around a cardboard box that contained pieces of crayons.

(One of their assignments was a project that needed to be colored in. So, borrowing crayons was a valid activity.) 

Finally, they were all seated. And then, the complaints...

Kiddos (the four boys and others) were being hit by flying crayons. 

Deep sigh.

I revoked all permission for them to have crayons. I removed them from those who still had them. (Of course, the boys who had thrown theirs no longer had crayons.) 

"It wasn't me. I didn't throw any crayons." 

Uh huh. Sure. 

I knew which four boys had been by the crayon box. They were named in my note. 

I do not know how this teacher manages with these kiddos all year. I have to assume they don't play around for her like they play around for the sub.


  1. Very colorful class, I should say, with all those crayons flying around.

  2. 7th grade, boys, crayons, substitute teacher. Hmmmm.....

    1. And the rain. Definitely not a good combination.

  3. I remember from my childhood days, long ago now, how classmates acted up with the subs.

  4. Having to teach that class, even for only a day, sounds way too exhausting.

  5. Your new "what if" questions sound fun. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I try to make them interesting. I don't always succeed.

  6. I just kept my head down and did my work, substitute teacher or not. lol Be well!

    - Darla Sands

    1. So many of the students do do that. They just don't make for interesting blog posts.


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