Friday, April 23, 2021

Taking a Trip

On this hybrid thing, while we have a few kiddos in class, we have way more still at home. So, on this long-term assignment, I'm getting emails from the students explaining their absences: 

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to inform you on why I won’t be able to attend the Google Meets for tomorrow. My aunt is making my family go on a trip and we’ll be leaving the house early in the morning. However, I will be able to join the Google Meets on Friday because we’ll be home by then. I hope that’s fine with you and I will make sure to complete any assignment assigned that day. Anyways, thank you and see you on Friday!

So... I have questions. None of which I did ask because it's not really my business. But... 

"My aunt is making my family go on a trip." 

I mean, I would love to have an aunt make me go on a trip. Although, this might not be a fun trip. It could be any number of things. 

Like I said, questions. But since he did complete that day's assignment, it's not really my business. He took care of his responsibilities. (I know, weird to hear an eighth grader did that, but this was from the advanced class, so they're a bit more responsible.) So, this will remain a mystery. Unless I think to ask him about it later.

I doubt I'll ask him about it later. 


  1. It's nice to run into a responsible youth like that. Good for him. His wording of the trip reminds me of my growing dislike of family outings, especially at age fifteen once I had a boyfriend. lol

  2. Daily life can leave you scratching your head sometimes. Always questions out there. Like you said, not up to you to ask but oh my gosh, sometimes not knowing is so hard for me!!

    1. I'll forget about this in a day or two. If it comes up again later, I might find out more, but likely not.

  3. From the sounds of the email, he'd rather be in school than on the trip.

  4. Sounds like a conscientious sort to explain all that to teach. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

  5. I think a lot of behviours have changed, and when the kiddos are at home learning, families expectations with schooling change as well.

  6. Hi Liz - sounds an interesting concocted story ... but they do say they're going to get their homework done. Ah well - at least they communicate ... have a good weekend - Hilary

  7. Well... Who is that aunt who makes people go on trips? :-) The mind wanders.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Family trips can be very fun. I hope so that he enjoy in that one.

    New Post -

  9. It reminds me of the apology words of the parentsfor thekid not being at school ;))

  10. The trip may not be of any fun because usually grownups among the kin will not allow the school-scholars miss their class. However, he is a responsible learner. Nice read.

  11. At least nice of that kid to have explained it in so many words.


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