Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 in 13 Posts

It's the last day of the year. And it's a Thursday. So, why not a retrospective of my year via a Thursday 13? Sounds like a plan. 

So, 13 blog posts from this year. I wouldn't call them the best. It's more of a snapshot of each month during this very strange year. 

1. January 10th: Another Fall Day

Wherein I tell you all about another fall I had, this one in front of a class of 7th graders. 

2. January 22nd: Powerless

Miscreants stole the battery out of my car while I was parked at school. The nerve.

3. February 27th: Dancing Fool

He said he had a headache. And then he was dancing in class. Dancing!

4. March 12th: The Screamers

A reminder of some of the horrors that I don't miss in working from home. Boys screaming in class, as if in a porno.

5. April 9th: Hello, Neighbor

Now fully into lockdown, I encountered Minions during a walk nearby.

6. May 13th: The Long Wait

Cinco de Mayo fell on Taco Tuesday, so we had to get Mexican food for dinner. Obviously. It was so obvious, everyone did the same.

7. June 1st: Stash Shark

Because I have to do a project post for this year, and this one feels like it should be it.

8. July 2nd: Modern Problems

The problem with homemade masks is threads getting in your nose while out shopping. 

9. August 26th: Teaching to an Empty Room

Because school started, but here in California it started virtually. 

10. September 23rd: Offline

Having WiFi issues during distance learning is a bad thing. 

11. October 22nd: A Very Different Evacuation

Every year we do the Great California ShakeOut. We did it this year without students. 

12. November 11th: Disruptions

It turns out kiddos can disrupt online class. It took the continuation high school to figure it out.

13. December 7th: Laws of Gravity 3000

Where I hit post #3000. I couldn't not celebrate that, now could I? 

I think this is a pretty good mix for the year. Could I add more posts? Definitely. But keeping it to the 13 was a great exercise in whittling it down.

How was your 2020? 


  1. When I read the first one my first thought was from back when I was in 6th grade. We had a teacher that always yelled at kids if they tipped back in their chairs, yet he did it all the time himself. One day, down he went and all we say were his feet over the desk. I'm pretty sure we laughed and I still laughed thinking about it. I'm sure glad you didn't get seriously hurt and glad you were in a class that didn't laugh.

    Enjoyed your 13 posts. All the best to you in the new year!

  2. Great snapshot. My 2020 wasn't too bad all things considered. Although I do hope 2021 will be better.

  3. We all have had such a crappy year but there have been some good points. Can't name them right off hand but I know I had to have some point, somewhere along the yr! Hell, I give!!

  4. We made though this odd year.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. I was just thinking about 2020 yesterday. It was a challenging year but it was also a good year in that no one in my family died, no one lost their job, all of us had our needs and lots of our wants met, etc. And we got another corgi to do life with :)

    Great recap of your 13 posts! Grandson does enjoy his shark :)

    Happy New Year!


    1. I had quite forgotten I had made you one. Glad it's getting good use.

  6. 2020 mostly sucked except for Sven, my nbk (new black kitten!). Happy New Year and have you seen Bridgerton? My sis and niece are enjoying it immensely :)

  7. We are still alive, I consider that a plus when so many aren't. Great list. I can't believe someone stole the battery out of your car!

  8. I love this review. I do one around this time too, called The Rear View Review. Now I have to go look up how many posts I'm at. 4,416! Since 2005.

  9. Left my teaching years behind about a decade and a half ago; I can't even imagine....
    Better days ahead.

  10. It's a good idea to have a retro like this ... One crazy year this was ... Hopefully, 2021 will be better in every way.

  11. 2020 was sure something. I'm hesitant to make any predictions about 2021.

  12. 2020 was....interesting. Terrifying. Boring. A different train track than I expected. I should look through my blog and do a similarly themed list.

    1. Yeah, it was an interesting dive back into the year.

  13. One good thing before 2020 ended is that I finally got a pair of kittens as hoped. :) Be well and stay safe, sane, healthy, and supplied.


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