Thursday, December 10, 2020

Newly at Home Scramble

It's not like I haven't worked from home during these interesting times. I had that gig in July that ran through the first couple weeks of school

I was a bit disappointed when I learned that day-to-day subbing had to happen on campus. It was so nice to roll out of bed and log in for the day without having to get dressed and get in the car and travel. But I understood the district's perspective. They weren't sure how things were going to work, and if we were on campus, they could supervise us better. 

And those first few weeks were different. There was the back and forth with making sure we got logged in to the teachers' Google Classrooms. Lesson plans initially were printed out for us. Eventually, the front offices figured out that they could just forward all the info we needed via email. In fact, a couple days one of the secretaries did all of that from her home

So, I had this. It'd be easy. 

Uh huh. Famous last words. 

I logged in, only to discover that I'd never enabled the attendance extension on my home computer (because I only learned about it during the co-teaching and didn't need it at home). And then something wouldn't work on that computer, so I hurriedly had to switch computers just as class was starting. And, of course, the second computer didn't have the attendance extension either, so as class was starting, I had to try to get that loaded. 


Of course all of this was happening during the band class with 59 students, so I kept getting booted from the meet. (At least the drum major was running things, so they didn't lose instruction time.) 

Ah well. At least now I have everything enabled that I need. I hope. 


  1. If anything can go wrong, it will, but it just seems so unfair!!

  2. Everyone has to learn how to do everything from scratch.

  3. I was mentally drained as I read the challenges of taking roll call, that is crazy hard.

    Subbing won't be the same until the world tilts back to the right spot in space.

    1. Oh, but roll is so much easier when all their names are printed on the screen. I don't have to call it :)

  4. Best wishes for an easier time in future.

  5. That's the best thing about working at home; no commute. The glitches will all be worked out by the time you guys are back in the classroom :)


  6. What would computers be without glitches, right?


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