Thursday, November 28, 2019

Scenes from Turkey Day

Last Thursday was the continuation high school's annual Turkey Day. It's the day they serve a turkey dinner lunch brunch to the students and the school district community. I make sure that I have a gig there that day.

(I've written about Turkey Day before: 2008, 2013, 2015. Or just click on the tag "turkey day".)

The day is always rather catawampus. I've worked at the continuation high school long enough to know to go with the flow. Some of the crazy:
  • Period 1: Jordan (no, not that Jordan--there happen to be three of them) came into class with a classroom exchange pass. Only, the pass was to go to PE. (I was in the woodshop.) Apparently I was the preferred sub (PE had a sub, too). I told him to get a pass to woodshop. He left instead. (The office was not pleased he was not where he said he'd be.) 

  • They don't get to use the machinery with a sub, but I allowed painting. Elijah had painted his name plate blue. He went looking for red paint. While the blue was still wet, he painted over it with the red. (Me and another student warned him.) It came out a streaky purple. Which he tried to say was something he liked the look of. Sigh. 

  • I had snack duty, so I didn't get my bathroom break until after the bell. Of course, another teacher darted in front of me. So, I was late getting to third period. I felt bad about this until the teacher next door arrived at the same time. Whew! Not that late, then.
  • Bob arrived with a tardy slip half way into fourth period. He asked me to mark him present for third period. He claimed he had been in the office. When I called the office "to check", I was told he had only just arrived. I mean, nice try at fixing his attendance record, but perhaps actually attending would work better. 

  • We adults didn't get to eat until after school. (We got out at noon that day, so not a hardship.) Another sub didn't want to go. (I mean, I get it. It was hard for me to join in when I was a newbie.) Me and Mr. G (he was the teacher for the class I covered in August last year when he got stuck on jury duty) did convince her to peek in. She was eventually convinced to take a to-go plate.
I guess it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a little drama. 


  1. How cool that you all have a Turkey Day brunch at school. -hope it was yummy.

    Happy Turkey Day to you, Liz!

    1. The adults enjoyed it. The kiddos only liked the mashed potatoes. (They said those were good, the turkey was dry. I didn't think the turkey was dry.)

  2. That's nice with the Thanksgiving brunch/lunch. Do they have it catered in or do people bring things in like a potluck? Of course there is always something going on at the continuation school. At least it gives you good blog fodder!


  3. I've just bought JD Fletcher's book for my eldest Barbarian. :)

  4. Hi Liz - I sure hope you have a lovely weekend at home with some peace and quiet and are able to enjoy a meal or two ... 'catawumpas' = a good word! Cheers Hilary

  5. Being the preferred sub is pretty cool. :-)


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