Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Bad Combination

Sometimes students fight. But more of the time, students mock fight. That is, they go at each other as if they were going to hit each other, but they pull punches and they're laughing about it.

Stopping a mock fight is usually simple. I tell them to cut it out.

With Jordan and Daniel, it wasn't that simple.

Monday at the continuation high school, I was covering the social studies class. They were supposed to be reading Martin Luther King, Jr's Letter from Birmingham Jail. Mostly they were playing Krunker.

Fifth period. Even though Jordan and Daniel sat a distance apart, they found excuses to get up and "attack" the other. Or, they both got up and pounced on each other.

So, I kept having to intervene. It was annoying, but it didn't escalate any further.

Tuesday at the continuation high school I covered an English class. Guess what pair was in third period together.

And it happened again. They played at fighting. I told them to cut it out.

Then something unexpected happened. I was asked to cover the social studies teacher's class fifth period as she had an IEP meeting to attend.

Deep sigh. I knew that meant Jordan and Daniel again.

Alas, this time it escalated. The boys sat next to each other. And while I stood over them, Daniel "punched" Jordan in the kidney.

Daniel felt my kicking him out of class was unfair as Jordan had "slapped" him in the face in the second that I had turned away. I wanted them separated, so sending them both to the same room would have defeated the purpose.

Because the social studies teacher was on campus, I wanted to let her know what had happened. It turned out she has the exact same problem with them. She doesn't let them sit together because of it.

Thursday at the continuation high school I covered the computer class. Guess which pair was in fourth period.

So, seriously? These two kiddos have all their classes together? No wonder they spend all day playing.

Jordan and I got into it when I wouldn't let him sit next to Daniel. (I learned that lesson.) At least they didn't attempt to punch each other again.

After that class, I happened to run into the counselor. I asked her nicely if she could possibly in the future maybe make sure those two boys did not have any more classes together. Because, seriously, it was ridiculous.

I wasn't the only one complaining.

Perhaps they might find other outlets for that energy, like, perhaps doing their schoolwork, if only they didn't have each other to feed off of every day (and in every class!). Fingers crossed.


  1. Wonder if they see each other off campus. Certainly a volatile combination!


  2. Good grief! If there have been that many complaints from the teachers, the admin or whoever is in control of scheduling should make sure they are not in the same class. They remind me of 2 rambunctious dogs that you have to keep an eye on

    1. It had only just been brought to the counselor's attention. Student conflicts are common. Teachers try a bunch of things before resorting to removing one from class.

  3. Oh there's no way it's just you - and not just teachers either, but I imagine quite a disruption to the whole classroom.

  4. Yeah, those are two kids who shouldn't have almost every class together.

  5. Sound like those two what every teacher have them. I have to wonder if the teacher go home and start drinking.
    Coffee is on

  6. I hope the powers that be heard you and the other teachers.

  7. I heard that is what is was like for Tom & Jerry.

  8. I think they put all their energy into not doing the work, lol.

  9. Wow. It seems like they're almost friends (frenemies?) doing this to each other for attention. I don't blame you for separating them. Hopefully they won't have any classes together from here on out, since the school is aware now that, like you said, they are just not a good combination.


    1. Oh, they're friends. It was a game for them.


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