Friday, November 29, 2013

Poor Russell

It was Turkey Day at the continuation high school. This is an annual tradition. (I've been at the school for this a few times in the past.)

It takes place the Thursday a week before Thanksgiving. The school hosts a turkey brunch (they call it a dinner, but since we are fed between 10 AM and noon, I'd say it's more of a brunch) for students in the school and members of the community. (Full explanation here.)

There are three teachers who are in charge of the thing (which is why subs are always needed that day), plus they have a dozen or so student volunteers who help out with the serving and such.

We were in the hall. We were seated and eating. One of the student volunteers came by our table to make sure we had everything we needed. Suddenly, his peers needed all sorts of things.

First, the girl seated two down from me hadn't gotten a dessert. ("I didn't want to carry two plates.") Then another boy needed water. And someone else needed a napkin.

It wasn't just the table I was at. The neighboring tables broke into choruses of "Russell. Russell, over here."

Soon I was sick of Russell's name. He went back and forth, nicely retrieving things for his rude classmates.

He did a great job under trying circumstances. I kind of expected him to dump a plate on someone's head. He didn't. He didn't even snark back when he was called yet again for some random thing.

The students around me made jokes about the "service in this restaurant". I reminded them that Russell was one of them and a volunteer, not some waiter to be ordered around.

Ah well. I have no doubt that Russell will get even with some of them later. Several were "friends". Yeah, they'll get theirs...


  1. Oldest Daughter's first serious boyfriend was named "Russell." He turned out to be a jerk and a loser. My grandpa was also named "Russell," and he was always okay. So until today, I had only offsetting Russells and now, thanks to this story, things are tipping back to where "Russell" again has good connotations.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Too bad Russell's not his real name.

      Since I am talking about minors who have no idea I'm including them in my blog, I never use their real names. Well, unless I'm talking about how there are seven Joses on the soccer team, but then I'm not really talking about any of them, only the preponderance of their name.

  2. Even if he was a waiter, it was rude behavior. I hope he does indeed get his revenge.

  3. He sounds like a good egg. If it had been me, I'm pretty sure there would have been some spit in some of the things I brought them.


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