Monday, November 18, 2013

Reorganizing Old School

You know I'm a little strange, right?

My iPhone has been driving me crazy. I've needed to reorganize my apps into a coherent configuration for a while. But there's something about those jittery boxes and having to go back and forth between screens that disorients me, making it impossible to get the phone set up just right.

So, I set out to fix it.

I wrote down (in pen, on paper) every app I had. Then I cut out a bunch of little slips of paper, and on each I wrote one app. I spread these out...

...and then I grouped them into similar types (an organization that made sense to me, but only me I expect). 

There's something about having those little slips of paper. It's why writers organize using index cards (something I really should try as it clearly is how my brain works). It made it easy for me to see what should go where. 

Soon enough, I had a configuration that seems to be working out for me. For the moment.

And it only took me two hours.  

(Okay, it was more like two periods. With time off for starting class, taking roll, and collecting work. And writing restroom passes. But what else did I have to do? These were a period of US history and a period of government where the class worked silently--yes, in absolute quiet--all period.)


  1. Yikes! I'd have my kindle out. BIG time. ;)

    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Cripes, I'm glad you had something to do!

  3. That sounds like a much better use of your time than writing passes. I mean, phones are way more important.

  4. I have so few apps on my phone, no need for that currently. Then again I've only had the phone a short period of time. I have a calendar, calculator, skype,facebook, and skype. That's it. Curious what all you had in order to have that many that are useful?

    Traveling Suitcase

    1. I have...*ahem*...59 apps. Not all useful. A couple games. Social media like Facebook and Twitter. An alarm clock (that works with my physical alarm clock). Pandora. Blogger (Blogger has an app that lets you write from your phone).


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