Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Quiet Game?

"Let's play The Quiet Game!"

That got my attention. I watched as a couple students wheedled the rest of the class into going silent.


Immediately, someone on the other side of the room started giggling.

It took a couple more tries, but then the room went completely silent.

For about 15 minutes.

Keep in mind that this wasn't a "silent assignment". I didn't care if they talked. In fact, the silence surprised me. Of course, it didn't last. They finished their work for the day...

...And then decided to play Heads Up Seven Up.

Um, okay...

Just another fun day in AP physics.

(Before I get into trouble with you all, understand that first these were juniors and seniors. Taking an AP class. Likely, this is not their only AP class, so they're of the high academic achievement group.

Second, they had completed the day's assignment and turned it in to me before they started the game. Third, of all the things they could have done with the rest of the period, this, while juvenile, was the least likely thing to cause problems.

Fourth, I could have put a stop to this at any time and I would have if I had seen a danger to anyone or anything. If I had stopped them, I have no doubt they would have stopped and found something else to do. And fifth, I did put all of this in the note to their teacher.)


  1. I think it was a good release for them - being in AP classes has GOT to be stressful!

  2. I think you acted with perfect reason. Like you said, they'd finished their assigned work, and they weren't making a ruckus.

  3. I guess playing the quiet game really helped them finish their assignment. I hope they had some fun.

  4. My goodness, given half a chance I would play Heads Up 7 Up. I remember it being SO MUCH FUN. And who doesn't need to be young--especially when you're young? Awesome.

  5. All this did was bring back terrible memories of how I NEVER EVER EVER got thumbed. I'm over it now, and I can look back and laugh about... *involuntary sob* DANG IT MISS BERGUM WHY CAN I NEVER WIN.

    You are like the most awesome teacher around.

    1. I don't remember getting chosen, either. Then again, I didn't remember the rules until one of the students explained them. Again.


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