Monday, November 4, 2013

Scarf Envy

It caught my eye immediately. It was a red infinity scarf. It must have been knit on needles size 5 or smaller as the stitches were pretty small. It had eyelet pattern panels interspersed with garter ridges.

As I do when I see interesting scarves that I could conceivably make, I mentally deconstructed the thing.

"Scarves aren't against dress code, are they?"

Me: "Huh?"

The girl caught me staring at her scarf. And, as is common with teenagers everywhere, she assumed that I was finding fault.

Once I ascertained that she thought I was planning on citing her for dress code, I assured her that my interest was purely as a knitter. I asked a couple questions about the scarf, and then it was time to start class.

It's not quite cold enough for me to pull out my alligator scarf, but maybe soon? Not if the weather forecasts are correct. Sigh.


  1. This made me laugh, but not for reasons that most people would understand. I'll explain: Right now, infinity scarves are Sweetie's Public Enemy #1, owing to the fact that her mom was trying to get her to buy them for some nieces and nephews. This is a longrunning thing with them: Her mom loves Christmas shopping and gets it done by about August, and then tries to essentially vicariously shop through her daughters by trying to get them to buy all the things her mom WANTED to buy people. This year, that thing is scarves, so she's been all over Sweetie about how Sweetie should go buy all these scarves.

    Sweetie, who doesn't like Christmas shopping until December, has fought back by deciding that she HATES scarves, and especially infinity scarves.

    So I loved your story on its merits, and because of the background.

    1. Too funny. Perhaps she should buy everyone hats, just to get back at her mom.

  2. LOL! What is it with these kids? My mom used to do the same thing--as a seamstress. She got a little more invasive though with her investigations, and sometimes she'd even buy an article of clothing only to study it, then return it to the store. =)

  3. A well worn scarf is one heck of a fashion statement.

  4. I LOVE scarves. Every year I worry they'll fall out of fashion. Now that I live in a colder climate, I doubt that will happen, at least during the winter months. I'm fortunate my best friend that knits and crochets.

    VR Barkowski

  5. Almost time for a scarf, huh? The California temperatures must be getting harsh.

    Anyway, it's funny that the girl assumed she was going to get in trouble. I guess any unexpected scrutiny from a teacher brings that feeling.


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