Friday, November 22, 2013

Incriminating Evidence

It was the end of fourth period. I noticed a sheet of paper lying on a desk, but before I could go pick it up (to toss it--I was trying to keep the room neat), a student brought it to me. He said he found it in the back of the room. Presumably, it was from the previous class.

There were no identifying marks on it. But instead of throwing the note away, the girls left it? Curious.

I think I'd throw something like this away. After tearing it into little itty bitty pieces.


  1. Yeesh. I hope that girl stays away from him. He sounds like a tool.

  2. He DOES sound terrible. Good for her.

    1. I hope she did stay away from him. There's no way to know.

  3. Yikes. Is that seriously the debate kids have these days in school? Awful.


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